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  1. What is the point of powerful production if it is very difficult to sell products?
  2. LUA and market data!? Deliciously!
  3. Yes. But no! Now we can mining without any problem. Build bases and ships? Ok. Flying? Ok. Fighting? Ok. Trading? No! And it really doesn't require a lot of work. It's only about visual representation. Except for the last point of course.
  4. NQ, really, please! The market UI is ugly. - 6 rows and too much free space on screen - it's terrible. - Add price/market/etc filters for a sell and buy screens (independents) - Remove the default 0.01 price in a sell order - you force 99% of traders press to delete every time - Add default 1 quantity for a buy order - we newer buy 0 - Give us the opportunity to fully use the market warehouse - this saves us from hundreds of containers installed around the markets. 😥
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