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  1. So you guys at NQ still do not get it at all! I completely agree with the vision of a community working together. Good plan. Capital costs in the way of schematics no matter how high will not help and will actually hurt your goal. Look at warp cell prices that are already back at or under production cost. If you want to accomplish this you must have a mechanism to either limit total production by accountable to or increase the incremental cost of items as the factory run by an account gets larger. That way someone that makes nothing but screws can do it at a really low cost but if you wanna do everything to make a L atmosphere it is slightly more expensive, and if you wanna build a AGG all buy yourself it it terribly inefficient. If you did that and tied the limits to accounts it would not only drive your goal but also drive subscriptions. Win win!
  2. So this is a terrible solution to a real problem. All it does is put a monetary roadblock in front of monetary income. A better solution would be an exponentially escalating cost to the size of factories that was tied to a character account. So 1 assembler is cheap 5 a bit more expensive 10 is astronomical or something like that. This plan was clearly dreamed up by folks that want to create a barrier to entry that they themselves can overcome and will create and protect monopolies. I mean seriously, did anyone at NQ pay attention in Econ 101 ? This is insanely stupid and will make the existing problem of giga factories worse. in that only a few will have them and dominate the market.
  3. Well, if you want an absolutely perfect ship each time. Ya rebuild it. Or maybe add a mechanism in that at some threshold it takes no permanent damage.
  4. Easy implementation of elemental damage would be that each unit has its max hp reduced each time it is repaired. if it starts a 1000/1000 then you repair it from 500/1000 there is some RNG and maybe a quality of repair calc and it loses a % off the top then is 923/923. until some point it does not function or is so weak that bumping a pillow makes it inoperable.
  5. So 1st impression after playing for a week. 1) Concept is cool, reality is it is my 15 year olds room. I enjoy being out away from the city centers but dread going to districts due to all the trash laying around. It feels like when i had young kids and I am navigating a play room of legos trying not to step on one. Please just put a 72 hour (Or something close) timer on dynamic cores and make them go away to an inventory slot like the condensed construct function. I mean hell server population is essentially 0 in comparison to goals and getting around is nearly impossible. I know Trash collection is on the road map but, how the heck is that not in place from the start. --- Ya, create a vendor area in each district and let vendors rent space. (Maybe repurpose the UEF stores or something. )
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