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  1. This is the first change I find I need to throw my voice out there with. This game already has a very limited community of artists and animators. This game's look and feel DEPENDS on those artists. The new system will only allow for basic shapes? Get real. We already have a 50kb limit which is outrageous for more complex SVG, but we deal with it. Effectively banning HTML isn't about performance. It's about censorship. This is one excuse I can't believe based on how long lights perform. You want to increase performance? Fix the lights. You want to lose your game's aest
  2. Issue: Construct destroyed upon entry Client Version: BETA 1 OCTOBER 2020 - 0.22.6 Summary Upon entering my construct fitted with a medium dynamic core, I was greeted with a loading screen. After load completed the info message displayed was that I had respawned due to my construct being destroyed. Reproduction Steps Enter Construct on the ground near District 4 Market landing platform. Actual Result Destruction of construct & death Expected Result Enter Construct Forum Posts None Notes Construct was par
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