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  1. but what about the cities? big cities built by the players themselves? what will we do when such will appear? delete? park? fine? or they will not consist of voxels? only questions...
  2. Once again proves the following - give the players a tool and in a year you yourself will not recognize your game. Why restrictions?
  3. where will the player appear after re-entering, provided that the ship continues to move - on the ship or behind it?
  4. key phrase ) someone builds ships better, someone writes programs. they can exchange what they know how to do. using the market. everything is like in life. Isn't that what NQ wanted? Then it's easier to remove the radar from the game altogether, what's the point of using it? ) upd: lua cannot identify, cannot take a target, cannot shoot, cannot ... what can lua be more than a human? )
  5. Maybe it is worth removing the possibility of creating individual ships? Because someone can build a better one, so that he will have an advantage over others )
  6. Thanks for the work you've done. Good job! It would be great to upgrade the script, so that it could find the most appropriate route, because the game's map is not dimensional and there is a 500 SU restriction for a warp. Sometimes it is easier/more quickly to get to the target through other planets.
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