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  1. I haven't been to my office since February. Won't be going back until at least January (I work in the games industry - marketing/community management). My wife works HR for a clothing manufacturer and has had to manage the quarantine and such for 200+ employees (and some of those idiots are going out partying, getting COVID, then trying to come back to work). Had to move (bought a house, yay!) because my landlord at my condo decided COVID was the right time to sell the condo (which I didn't want to buy - long story), so it's been interesting. At least I live closer to the beach now (Long Beach instead of The Valley).
  2. A lot of Discords use bots that focus on keywords, which highlight stuff like profanity faster than non-constructive or FUD type posts. Keeping in mind that a small mod team can't see every post in real time - and reporting posts/comments can help - it could be an automod caught you because of profanity and the other person just had non-constructive but non-automod rule breaking comments. RE: the "questiong of moderators", I haven't been to the Discord yet, but if there's a rule about it (No Discussion of Moderation publicly, etc.), I mean, it's pretty obvious that rule was broken. If I may recommend (unsolicited, of course) something? If, in the future, you get an infraction, rather than post it in General or publicly, reach out directly to a moderator. They should be able to tell you what rule you violated and how you can move forward without further infractions. Anywho, have a good one and good luck!
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