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  1. Thanks again for all the work you do for the community. I picked up your voxel pack a few weeks ago and this new machine last night. These will be a great help to the builders out there.
  2. Thank you Zenith Corp for a great show. It gave us a bunch of great ideas on what is possible in this game for builders. Some of my favorites were Doom Train, Thor, and the semi trucks as I am in transportation. Also would like to congratulate our own TeeWRX82 ( <-- Discord & DU name ) for getting a nod as well in Twitter. Hit him up for blueprints in the future. The crew from XBC which are noted mostly from the Empyrion build series hosted by Xcalibur are doing their best to learn voxelmancy in DU and create some inspiring builds. Our corp XBC "The Anvil" is looking to give back to the community with a library to help new players. Thanks again to Zenith Corp for the cool venue.
  3. Feature request: Reduce factory noise. Any chance you could make the factory pieces not transmit sound past a certain amount of blocks. They overpower a lot of base designs with the amount of sound they generate. I always here in discord, "one second I am in or near the factory, I can't hear you".
  4. I would give it a month and see where things go. Keep an account as I have not seen ship building like this anywhere. Trying to get my son into game as we both played Empyrion and this game is much easier to build with. Take care and all the best.
  5. The game treats water as land where you can hover on it but that game dynamic also has drawbacks. When you engage a vessel (start the engine) underwater it will throw you 100 to 500 meters above the water line. I have also had heavy loads go below the waterline when landing, I loose a little bit of control (my bad pilot skils) and then the reverse happens as the ship will go to 300 kph in a second if the hovers are sideways which push you down and below the water usually ending in a crash scenario. Its also hard to land underwater due to the intense upward thrust caused by the game mechanic to get you to sea level. I am assuming that this will be addressed as the game goes forward. Great game so far and looking forward to building in this game.
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