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  1. haven't really played since industry update. but have been logging in daily to check skill queue. I own 1 tile on sanc moon, 1 on aiolith. just been waiting for pve stuff to be implemented.. (hate pvp) if this territory tax goes in.. in ANY amount of quanta I am gone and will never check back. mining change is crap, I sorta like hand mining I don't want a damn ore ATM. industry change really put a dent in my will to play.. this change IS THE LAST NAIL.
  2. thank you.. I will cancel my sub until npc's and pve content are installed. haven't played in months anyway.. NOTHING to do. a bare shell of a "game" atm anyway.
  3. I'm planning on ditching my 5 yr old 5960x 8 core/X99 mobo for an amd 5950 16 c/32t. will double from memory form 32gig to 64gig. and get a nice fast pci-e 4 ssd for boot (2-4 tb). I'll keep my intel 750 1.2tb pci-e card as a data drive. will keep my evga xc ultra 2080ti rtx card.. spent way to much on it when they first come out to ditch it.
  4. yea, socked away about 170m quanta.. been playing everyday mining ore, building tier 1 stuff to sell on market or to bots.. just stop'd my auto factory and don't plan on playing for a few months.. need to cancel sub in mean time.
  5. have to run 2km to get to the old market teleporters to hit a different market? couldn't add the tele's in the new markets? L A M E
  6. running an old 8c/16t 5960x (x99 mobo) oc'd to 4.2ghz, 32gig memory, intel 750- 1.2tb ssd, win 10 pro. 2 years ago ditched my sli'd 2x 980 ti's for a single 2080 ti. thinking of updating to an oc'd AMD 5950x 16c/32t monster.
  7. had to add "dual.exe" in nvidia control panel to turn off AA.. surprising installer didn't add one or nvidia didn't have one by dafault.
  8. maybe I missed something but who / what is "Scoopy"?
  9. logged in today and found 10 of my damn factory machines with server errors.. had to stop them, pick them up, put them back down and reload their jobs and restart them.. i have to do this EVERY DAMN DAY.. always a few machines after a reboot that are FOOBAR'd. can you, I don't know.. maybe, pretty please FIX THIS CRAP. ty
  10. would probably bail on game entirely if they did a full wipe... they should keep all learned talents, talent queue and all quanta earned -- AT THE VERY LEAST
  11. Discuss your view on the pro's/con's of Vertical Boosters vs Hover Engines.. ty
  12. this game desperately needs a "Creative Game Mode" like in Empyrion Galactic Survival.. somewhere u have unlimited parts and can build, test, and blueprint creations then use those blueprints in normal game mode. pretty please DEVS!
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