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  1. Thanks man! - Why does everything have to be such a pain in the ass with these guys?
  2. So all the tier 2 ores on Alioth are 0L/H - that's a bug right? an 200L/H for Tier 1 - that's approx. 1/2 a single scoop of traditional mining - that ain't gonna power no industrial complex - who comes up with these numbers???
  3. Why don't you add some Mining Units in the Markets for those of us without access to our Factories? Having to make them first is a bit of a pain when we have Mega's to mine out and what we should be testing is how badly the Mining units are going to perform and how ridiculous the Taxes are going to be! Of course we'd need a working ship to go buy them but............. words fail me (non expletives that is)
  4. AND, for some of us, our Factories buried
  5. Damn! and you were doing so well. But the truth is you really are making this up as you go along! Ok so this is a deal breaker for me. I have been reading chats in various Discords where the opinion seems to be that everyone knew nested orgs was illegal, these all being people with 5+ alts (I guess money in the bank for NQ but surely 10000 actual individual players is more healthy than 1000 players with 10 alts!) but anyway, I can't afford multiple accounts. If something is not allowed - don't let it be done! I have been playing since the game went public, building my Empire. When Schemagate happened, I was angry, but I took a deep breath and bought the schematics I could afford and have slowly built up again. To keep this going (and for future growth) along the way I have scanned for what are known as meganodes and saw that there was a way to afford these using nested Orgs. Great! I thought, I missed out on the 1q Warp Beacon Schematics but at least I can afford a few nodes to keep me going. I hate mining (I am physically uncomfortable when I pass the 3 hour mark mindlessly clicking a button) so I have a collection of nodes close that I can use to keep the machines running and that way it's manageable. When a node is done I keep the 'property', so that, when Mining machines arrive I can fully clean it out and therefore get maximum return on my investment. I have been greatly enjoying the game. I've made a nice base and just started building my Space Station in preparation for visiting the outer planets to search for new resources. And then 'BAM' out of the blue, 'bend over Mark, it's time for another rogering'(verb VULGAR SLANG•BRITISH). Seriously guy's you can't do this to us again! There is no mechanism for transferring ownership of tiles! The blueprint system doesn't allow for precision placing so moving buildings involves demolishing and starting again! There isn't even a way to see and interact with our Orgs and their assets (i.e. how many tiles/static/dynamic cores does ShaftedAgain Org own/ where are they/ what limit does their skills allow/ etc/ etc). Guy's, the game is clunky as fuck! - but we keep playing because we see it has something, it could be great. You really should spend a year sorting out the infrastructure and bugs! So here's how you're going to fix this: Increase the allowed Org number - I mean, in RL you can have as many companies as you want! 3 maybe? - get back to us with a proposal that reduces server cost or whatever the reason for this madness is and works for you. You ask us which Org/Orgs we want to keep and you transfer all tiles, constructs and cash out of the others into that Org/Orgs. Then going forward we have to pay increased costs and limit the amount we own adhering to new clearly defined limits. If you want this game to succeed why do you do your utmost to drive us away? And in future if you have a problem with something in the game that you designed and made refer to the detailed design documents that were produced ....Lol only joking!.....put it into the community to help come up with an answer - we all want it to succeed as much as you do!
  6. Well it's getting there! - Please can we have ship to ship docking be more immersive so the docked ship must be on a purpose made pad (maybe landing gear to landing enabled special honeycomb material) and not just floating next/ near You could even make a set of landing pad models in all the wrong sizes and shapes that we have to buy with schematics at say 629 gazzillion Q for the small - don't forget to post them for 1Q each at 0400am so the vampires can pick em up for cheap. (Fascescious comedy - you guys are doing a sterling job!) Again docking to Space Stations via a Docking Collar to collar /or material. The whole problem of larger ships taking smaller ships with them is an immersion killer! Please don't make it distance based! Markee D will be happy about the ejection mechanic and it sounds good.
  7. Well it's a start but how can you add this without first adding one of the fundamental basic MMO components - a wallet/ bank account/ log of sales/prices/trends/etc, whatever you want to call it. I've been trying to sell on the markets and it is frankly a total pain in the ass. We need more info than 1000 peeps/bots want to buy 1 mil gold for 0.001 Quanta each! oh and you sold 10 adjusters (Where - fuck knows, was it your last stock? - your guess is as good as mine - you get the picture. We really should not need to resort to the writing pad in these days of the microchip. Please guys - hire a game designer with experience in MMO's to provide the fundamental requirements!
  8. I'm having this problem today Error01.pdf
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