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  1. It's in the nature of the development of the activity in games like this. EVE was similar, way back in 2003. The market at the very, very beginning was very spotty, everyone had to build their own and people were grabby over resources because no-one had any industry and the market was very barebones in terms of what was available. 6 months or so later that had changed (it will go more slowly here, because the progression frame here is slower), and the market was more stocked, people were more interested in selling, trading was beginning (buying, holding and then reselling for a higher price or playing market location arbitrage) and things like that, but in order to reach that stage, the playerbase needs to be past the stage where resources and products are so scarce that it is a subsistence/build-for-oneself-ones-own-group situation to the point where there is a continuous excess, which builds the market and lets players diversify away into different kinds of gameplay. This is simply how it works when the market is almost entirely player-driven, aside from a few seeds from the developer.
  2. This would be akin to the contracting system in EVE it sounds like -- not a bad idea, but likely not something that will be implemented soon, because it isn't a basic system, but a secondary level one.
  3. The intro tutorial sends you to a place where all the various specialized tutorials are -- industry, building, military etc. Have you done those? On money, if you spent the money (I didn't manage that, but all I bought for the structure she asks you to build was the bare stuff and no decorations, maybe that's it, also market prices vary a bit so maybe that was what cost you so much), you get 100k per day so there's that. Also you can press F1 and read the codex, which has a lot of info in it that is skipped in the tutorials. It's basically the "manual" of the game. It's kind of like SL in some ways, but more of a game than SL was, and more PvP oriented -- SL was more of a social experience, with creation optional (most people in SL just socialized, and a lot of them were there for sex, to be honest), whereas this is a game more than a social platform, building is not optional, and it's competitive. I hope you stick around and slowly learn. I am also a learner myself at this stage, but I am enjoying the process of learning it, and perhaps since I am not in a particular hurry it makes it a bit easier for me.
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