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  1. you want to put this on steam ok first problem its a sub only game so 30% of what they are charging is a waste of time second problem everyone that wanted to try DU already has and made their mind up im sorry to break it to ya third problem is there is no game its a mining sim with some voxel building and average space flight with garbage pvp just wow steam lol
  2. meh this was sold as open beta but in truth its in alfa state and anyone that was on the fence because of a lack of anything playable full time has come in and made their minds up What i saw in alfa vids looked promising but from what ive seen this game needs more then 1 year to be in a place where they could mainstream it and have lots of players like they want the game features are so bear bones right now i stooped playing. the voxel building is nice but that's about it and then we have the devs who let Questionable acts and exploits go on without punishment release PvP in an utterly broken state and dont seem to have any vision for this game other then lets let it be a free for all pvp fest the players will sort it out. Last Oasis/ Darkfall /atlas/Life Is Fuedal MMO all them games are dead and all of them have pve content which DU wont have any and all of them were based on having 1 mega server we all play on that is policed buy players and yep DEAD GAMES Dual Universe advertises well but like everything from its age of crowd funding fails to do what its states im glad the alfa backer get their game after waiting so long but DU should have remained an ALFA and just went full time with the packages still in place, i know i for one would have been a lot more forgiving of what i think but yea this idea they will get more players either way at least in my thinking is foolish they have had their peek and this is the player base in general tho a server wipe in sandboxes like this causes more damage then good you only have to look at ATLAS to see what server wipe can do in a game thats 1 server for all players or life is fuedal mmo the results talk for themselves with player bases in the few hundred players and this is the long term fate at least me and my friends see for DU. i love pvp and i love eve because its a balance of thought out game play with good mechanics and this game has none of that and never will in the state its in I didnt want A BROKEN RUST IN SPACE voxel building game
  3. lol posting kill bords for jitta when jitta kill boards are mostly people testing builds and fighting each other in consensual pvp this convo is a representation of lie's from people trying to justify killing farmers and peasants and wanting no safe zone at all in HI SEC if you attack another player outside of consensual duals CONCORD will come and destroy you and you're rep with the current npc factions state you are in will drop and if you keep doing these actions you will become hunted buy the NPC police every time you enter their systems DU is Lawless and thinking players are going to police the game in a GOOD way is stupid and shortsighted
  4. THIS GAME IS NOTHING LIKE EVE i keep hearing that word from a few posters here but its crud eve has 4 NPC fully fleshed out factions to choose from with 3 different space zones full pve/pvp support and npc police for killing in hi sec and wanted crims this game has nothing like that so far this game is rust in space its boring and a gank fest with no reason no serious eve player BRAGS about killing a USELESS miner pve player in hi sec or a pve farmer on a mission because its not a challenge its just gutless behavior(to mister 10 accounts guy no one cares you spent thousands a month you are not impressing anyone with the amount of ships you were loosing with bad game play) fact is this eve has rule's..... regulation's that are built into the game DU has nothing we have 10 failed sandbox mmo games in the last 8 years that have all done the same shit FFA open world with no rules (LIF MMO tried it with regulated pvp on player citys like du is planning it has 400 players online great game) if the plan is to let player run the show 100% then du is another dead game simple as that just like all the other failed hardcore raiding mmo sandbox games of the last 10 years with ffa no rules i love EvE i love sandboxes i also like my time not to be wasted and trying to say DU is eve is a joke and a bad one EvE is a complex sandbox with npc politics wormhole factions it blow my mind but du lol DU in its current form is space engineers with a larger map and player bace and no npcs or ARK or RUST ITS A LAWLESS sandbox with busted weapons and no defense i mean you do know how busted pvp is to the average player right now and as a pvp player i want to ask the so called HARDCORE eve vets this...... why are you wanting to GANK people that pose no threat to you at all why are you not marching to war trying to kill off other orgs from gaining steam and instead wanting to kill players that will never pose any problem at all to you at all to end if this game was even half as good as eve id be happy but its more like ARK and RUST or dear i say ATLAS as it stands with voxel building and that aint what was advertised lol turn off the safe zone lol facepalm
  5. ok so devs abusing their own game and having active accounts on the only public server for their personal use thats a big NO NO WTF
  6. i keep hearing the word WORK for orgs but what is there to do besides dig holes mine ore and build useless buildings and space ships for hauling more ore to build more useless stuff this game as it stands fails on everything that was advertised bar voxel building its like ELITE dangerous it sounds grand buts its empty and useless there is no econ because there is no reason in the game to do anything and spend in game cash on what other people's ships lol im serious that all quanta is good for u can buy someone elses ship so you can dig more holes in the ground or be blown away buy rockets buy some dude in a box lol i mean the current loop in DU is boring as all hell
  7. none of the ui lua scripts work in COCKPITS i said of sant moon you can farm any tile without owner ship space pvp consists of people siting in boxes in space blasting people from miles away Look up starwars galaxys.... sandbox civs was done 15 years ago and was better and more alive every city here is a ghost town go look in discord a miner scanner recently posted a pic of a moon with around 20 tiles with nothing in them striped clean and totally empty not that u need to leave sant moon for ore im not looking for someone to talk to i was looking for the gameplay showed in ALFA and it looks worse in fact id call it a lie im done with the game stooping membership and waiting till there is a game to play if there ever is one because ive seen this to many times and just waste my time im not paying money to test their game wile they add features that should already be in a BETA and ready to go
  8. what the game needs is stuff to do after 2 weeks im struggling to find anything to do only thing to do after building a basic house and manufacturing plant is dig hole for ore and sell to a broken market propped up buy Bots i mean i list a few basic problems i see with the game straight of the bat 1.There is no reason to claim any territory off sant moon because u can free mine any tile not claimed on any body in the system and will never have to worry about pvp on ya base 2.massive areas of the game have already been striped mined and its only been 2 weeks 3.the ALFA vids the devs proudly show look 100% better then what we see in game 4.Space flight is horrible dull and boring and handles like a wet noodle 5.The basic UI looks nothing like alfa vids and pictures and is a mess 6.Its a sand box with no tools (u can mine and build shit thats it) 7.LUA scripting is A MUST or u can enjoy having garbage ui placement and under performing ships 8.the thriving citys they talk about are the same as SWG but worse because they are all ghost towns not just the outer settlements( i mean the most players ive seen at once is 20) its a sub game with little value for whats in it currently i mean ive built the mega base got manufacturing running can build ships and sit around selling stuff to the market screen.can go dig holes in the ground and mine some more ore and build some more stuff but meh as for space PVP with the way space flight is HELL NO
  9. so today after building another fighter i decided id try to figure out how to move the cockpit UI in the options menu because having it sit right in the middle of my view is very poor oversight buy the devs only to be told u can not and must use lua to Program it in and was directed to a 2017 vid that shows how to make a panel turn on a switch and bugger all else Now i know the devs have LUA exp and a lot of the alfa backers have as well but most people like me look at the info provided buy NQ and the wikki which dont even have the commands list at all and think i just paid 30$ to look at this mess of a ui and be told learn to program to fix it when the captin's chair fills the same task and has the UI placed to the right out of center view angle so why not at least do the same for the cockpit im not salty i spent 14 hours tring to even find information relevent to DU and how to do what i was asking thinking it would be simple but its not and it was the most frustrating thing ive gone through first impressions last and the ui you have in place for people without scripting ability is garbage misplaced and looks nothing like the alfa vids you show the public
  10. its a bug on their end so join the rest of us sitting here with no access to the game or even the web site to look at our account status
  11. ive had this same problem since i paid for my sub was loged into the web site with my account bought game time clicked the download button,downloaded the game and tried to log in got nothing but error 100 went back to web site changed password loged out of web site now cant even log back into it and asking for password reset no longer send's the mail to the email address its pretty disappointing
  12. cant even log into the web site to look at my account let alone try to play the game and talking like beta is ALFA is a joke there shouldn't be mass crashes let alone charging people and not even letting them look at account details on their web site or you know be able to log into the web site devs telaporting people all over the place basic tutorial broken basic game tools breaking and not being able to be placed after being picked up the game is still in alfa.
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