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  1. Do you guys read before post? I'm not hating the game, I like the concept, otherwise I won't be here. What I don't like though is your mentality. You are ok with paying for something that you should not pay. And making it worse you are trying to convince everyone else that is ok to do it. It's not right, the game is unplayable atm, and it should be at least somehow stable because they tested this on several stress tests that considering these last days either were poorly conducted or they were bogus... Sure it may be stable in a week or so(hopefully), but many of the people that paid a subscri
  2. Oh now I get it, I end up in the cult of alfa here, defending their ... territory. If you guys can accept to pay a subscription to stare at a network error, and to try to navigate trough the sea of bugs, kudos. No wonder why beta games today are the way they are. I won't. Stop defending this behaviour...
  3. I did, I've reported every bug encountered with details and relevant screenshots. In the end, when I was crashing every 5 minutes I decided is not worth my money at the moment and submit a refund. I am awaiting a response. I am not afraid to help find bugs in a game, but I wont pay for that with more than time. If they somehow change the subscription policy to extend when the server is stable enough, maybe... but as its currently stands, no.
  4. This is how YOU think it should be. Not how I think. I guess by the response time on my post you cannot play the game either, I'm I right? Good luck paying someone to let you iron and test their product. I'll may come back later to buy it when it's finished and polished.
  5. I didn't formulate a question per say, everything I said was rhetorical. If my first sentence looked like a question, the answer is no, because I already asked for a refund. I am not paying with my money and time to try to test a product. I could ofc help a beta test, for free at most. But paying it, its insane.
  6. Normally I wouldn't mind this kinda fiasco on a normal afla/beta access on a free game, although I will probably avoid it, but we PAID for a SUBSCRIPTION. If you are happy to pay a company to beta test their product that's cool for you. But the majority of sane people are not happy about that. They should at least made subs active at the moment of the actual launch, because you cannot call this mess a launch (I haven't had a straight more than 20 minutes of playtime without a crash in the last 24h) ... let the people beta test their product in the meanwhile. You guys have absolutely NO idea wh
  7. So we basically paid subscription to beta test a game. Nice. Should I rewind all those videos where they massively test the network of the game and proudly announced that is working like a charm with thousands of entities on the same shard with no problems? How about let me test the game, and yes, I have paid a sub, but the sub will get active WHEN the game is actual released and is ACTUALLY functional, how about that? You want quality for your penny? start making noise, otherwise shut up and let me make noise for my penny.
  8. Same here, started with massive lag, then at each reconnect the lag was higher and higher with more ppl in the queue. In the end stuck at 0%... something broke.
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