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  1. I was wondering what timezone on the 7th was the kick starter being released. I remember waiting for the disappointment (No Mans Sky's) all day and night only to find out that the game was released in my country at 4am the next day
  2. I want to Build my research centre into a mountain side like this concept i made
  3. It shouldn't be to hard to make a giant creature/ mech style ship and use the programming to script it to your bidding aha
  4. Certainly, I'm going to use the uni's 3d printers to prototype it And its going to have to be scaled down to
  5. I was working on a 3d model of the cores when I seen this aha, that and trying to recreate the arkship with the limited media of it
  6. I am a bit curios on how everyone plans their ships before they build them(if they do). For example I use 3d modelling tool called blender to create rough models of zed ships then take the designs over to games like space engineers. Then when it comes to building larger industrial warships and hauler type ships I go straight into building all the internals then build the shell around the outside of the ship.
  7. Grab yourself some Space shrip to chuck on the barbie
  8. its like a team of 5 people controlling a space craft
  9. It would be cool if it supports the vive in such a way as you could actually use your hands to build your ship. The immersion boner is rising
  10. Introducing my latest concept, well event style of thing. Basically racing ships, yet to come up with a name for it but basically its what happens when you strap overly large engines onto small ships and hope for the best. These ships will be fit with large reactors along with one massive engines and four smaller ones to stabilise the ship. These are some rough low poly's to get the idea across I am not really liking the styling of the gates and they will definitely change
  11. Trade outpost? Added the hauler from last post to provide size
  12. Possible Hauler concept, could add up to 10 of the containers(the icoSpheres) extending the length of the ship in segments, these ones being to carry fuel but also could be swapped out for other storage options such as large cargo containers. Placed in some of my Stalker fighters for size comparison.
  13. The civilian variant of the Stalker Fighter - Takes on a more friendly style paint scheme and replaces the guns for a larger storage bay
  14. --New's from Novacore Spaceport-- Novacore is proud to present our first developed spacecraft, The Stalker This ship is everything you need for those close quarter reconnaissance missions. The ship was engineered to have a sleek profile with a coating of dark grey/black paint to allow for the ship to blend in to the dark background of space. We also lined the cockpit with a film of dark red tint to also add to the stealthy look. Specifications - Seats one pilot - Small storage contained contained within the ship - Life support systems - Comms array and short range signal jammer - Four front mounted high-power spotlights to allow for easier manoeuvring throughout space (e.g. asteroid fields) - The Stalker is equipped with two side mounted semi swivel, high powered beam lasers to allow for fast, hard hitting, close-quarter combat. - The ship is powered by a medium deuterium fission reactor, along with two large and four small fusion engines. The deuterium fission reactor allows us to achieve the red energy being released from the fission engines. Images from our Spaceport: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Showcasing the ship under minimal lighting: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am currently also working on a civilian variant to release into the public. Also possibly open to contract work developing specific ships for other organisations(Depending on current workload).
  15. We now have a website to host a wide variety of information on who we are and what we offer http://novacoredu.weebly.com/
  16. After 1 hour of creation, another of twerking and texturing and then 2 and a half hours of rendering I'm proud to preset Novacore's new logo design
  17. Couple more rough templates, learning how to render now to so the ships are going to look cleaner rather me using snipping tool and paint.net to gain these images aha.
  18. Would love to ally with Aether, more minds focusing to a goal help achieve better outcomes aha
  19. I tried a sort of bomber style heavy fighter, Made this one a bit more curvier.
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