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  1. I wasn't even mining, just trying to get from point A to point B. But PvP space is PvP space all the same. Guess you have to own a warp drive if you don't want to get attacked when approaching a planet.
  2. My attitude is "f this noise" and giving up for 3 or more months until something new and exciting gets updated, but thank you.
  3. Heh. About 3 months ago you destroyed a ship I spent like a week and a half meticulously making. I was so pissed I stopped playing completely. Well done. Just got back into the game with the latest update. Pretty excited about all the changes to the economy. Built a brand new ship with the last of my money (didn't even make a blueprint cause I can't afford the parts anyway) and you destroyed it when I got called away for a minute after watching the radar for 4 hours straight. I feel pretty stupid, but good job. You're really good at the PvP in this game and you seem like you have all the best toys too. I'm sure even if I was paying attention, it wouldn't have changed the outcome. I just wouldn't have been so surprised to find myself 400su+ away when I got back. Anyway, it sucks, but fair is fair. Nice pirating. Hope you give the Dingus and her contents a good home.
  4. Congratulations on the beta release! I'm pretty new to DU, but absolutely loving it so far. The roadmap sounds very exciting and on point, but I wanted to ask about a few things that (understandably) weren't on there. VR This game seems extremely ambitious and future facing. It seems absolutely perfect for VR. Are there any plans or discussions about adding VR support (including hand use) to the game after it's out? Broadcasting With the game's phenomenally dynamic economy, entertainment and live events are sure to eventually be a big draw. Are there any plans to add video camera-like constructs that would allow broadcasting to screens outfitted with the proper links or antenna configurations? Lua Predictive Syntax / Compile Button The Lua implementation is absolutely brilliant and has already produced player made constructs I wouldn't have thought possible in a game like this. While it's already pretty easy to get started and write Lua in game, I would love to have some syntax hints and a way to compile and test the code's syntax w/o exiting the control. Any plans to add these things specifically? Player Contracts The roadmap mentioned in game events and smaller scale timed player jobs. Along those lines, would it be possible to arbitrate our own events, contests, etc through more general contracting? Potentially with many players at once? Example: Give preset award for any player who performs conditions X,Y and Z (out of a limited set of players, at least). Again, HUGE congrats on the beta! Very excited to get more familiar with the game!
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