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  1. I disabled a bunch of start up items, and now I can avoid unhandled exceptions before booting the game. Except instead it's traded me for an unhandled exception mid game session. Guaranteed to kick me out of game at some point, but haven't figured it out yet.
  2. Yeah, I was excited! I signed up for Geforce Now because I need to workaround my unhandled exceptions on boot! I don't like session limits, so I paid the 10 bucks to fuckin play nonstop like a god dang goofball. Then this patch comes out, and at this moment, I can't play. At all. lol :') fffffff's in chat yall. Look I know this game is tight af (conceptually, not performance wise) but damn ... it really fucking sucks to be continuously experience a dramatic decrease in quality updates for each successive update recently. Like, literally has gotten worse for me to the point that, as of right now I cannot even log in or play. I'd fuckin play with crashes. whatever man i get it, but it should be fuckin fixed. been a god damn year now. lol fuck features. im tired of this grandpa. GeForce Now has a bug, that NQ is aware of now and fixing, so I can go to sleep or whatever and it might be fixed when i wake up... but lol like damn man idk, did anyone bother logging into GeForce Now to check before pushing this live? 😕 I'm not really sure I understand it all but damn. lol See you guys soon tho, im too stupid and stubborn to stop trying to play XD
  3. Haha for sure. I can't argue, I recently bought SC about a month ago, but haven't played it. I bought it because of all the updates I've seen. Excuse me for being misinformed. I def think there's more content in SC than DU as is right now, but am not sure as to how fleshed out it all is.
  4. lmfao this Eternal guy goin' OFF LOL It's a game bro. XD dude trippin' hard on some other shit talkin some comparisons between IRL and a game... Sheeeeeeeesh! XD Dude apparently blogs for politics but says he 'quitted' the game. Hope that works out for you man.
  5. Mother of god lol years of making nothing. 😕 At least Star Citizen is pushing boundaries as far game development is concerned, even if there's no "game" to play. This, though, is unacceptable. Unfathomable lol 8 years... just :mindblown:
  6. Yeah... I have played since beta, as a Patron. It definitely was forgivable even in the first couple months for me. Working in game development myself, I understand how things may go. It didn't take long for me to soon see that it doesn't appear as though anyone here has any previous game development experience. The game is inconsistent, and while some features are robust, others are so lacking it's confusing. Overly complicated system, not good enough tools, shoddy performance and stability. After almost a full year of being available to the public (not to mention the 2-3+ years in development prior, and nothing to show for it) there have been no meaningful improvements in performance, stability. Still haven't fixed the crashes, unhandled exceptions... I played for about 3 months. Then stopped playing for about 6 months or something, only to come back recently. The coolest thing that has happened since is the community building things. There's literally nothing else to talk about. Nobody is missing anything by not playing. It's a shame really. The development team is aware, I'm sure, but I'm here to speak and say my opinion that the development team needs to stop production of half-baked features, to focus on stability and performance. If you did that from the start, the player base wouldn't be what it is now. The fact that I'm being told to update ports in my router as a workaround to my crashes, is a disappointment. It's not even a guarantee, and I'm not going to do all that. In the end you're losing customers, and those of us who're still vocal and here and speaking up, should be able to help guide the product to a healthy state. I work in Quality Assurance for my job, and the quality bar is set really low on this project. The Project/Build Manager should feel ashamed. The producer should prioritize better, and the board members need to listen to the community and help support production to focus on quality foundations before adding features. Dual Universe doesn't know what it is anymore, and those of us who are still here, paying, playing, should and will dictate how the game proceeds. We got you. Edited to add: My whole org quit, they talk shit on the game. It sucks. lol Feels really bad. -Crashing when flying -Unhandled Exceptions after clicking play on launcher -Server response time is absolutely garbage. Makes playing with other players a slide show when you're not on the ground. -Loading times are garbage for absolutely everything -Constructs/construct loading times/quality not optimized is also horrendous. Market 6 is perfect example. Market 6 should stay this way as a control bar for quality performance
  7. I'm here to share my voice and opinion. NQ is dastardly and shameful for your responses. How dare you penalize other players and ban them for taking advantage of your blunderous buffonery. It's YOUR fault. What the hell? "So the situation with the market is clearly covered by section 5.2 of the EULA: “You must refrain from engaging in any behaviour that could harm NOVAQUARK’s image and/or reputation, that could harm one or more other Users or have a negative impact on their gaming experience, or that is detrimental to the proper functioning of the Game.”" Bullshit, you ruined your own image and reputation by screwing up and not having quality assurance and quality control and good tools. Your response is childish, and my stomach churns over this pretentious behavior given the sad state of your game currently masquerading as a beta which is really an alpha. How dare I support such a goofy group of greenhorn game devs who act like this. NQ, you screwed up big time, and your response is indignant and telling of your emotional intelligence as an organization. Clearly you do not care for your customers or the money and assistance they bring in. "Let us be clear, we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour during any phase of the development of Dual Universe." Get good at game development. Your team doesn't play your own game, and you clearly don't have good development tools, and it shows. "Now, this does obviously not apply to NQ-built constructs, which are designed to serve a specific purpose in the game." Oh jesus christ on sale. lol Childish response from an administrative perspective. Banning players for doing things you allowed in game? Why don't you admin it back the way it's supposed to be? Or did you not think of that because you've never developed a game before? I'd think this and CS would have been top of mind for a game like yours. Whining and complaining about how "bugs take manpower to fix" Yeah no shit, go fix them. It's your problem not ours. It's your fault, not ours. You allowed this to happen. It's your fault. I do not approve of this action, and it's a real shame that you, NQ, acted and responded like this.
  8. Beautifully said. What a genius example, and well written! Could never have said it better myself. Thanks.
  9. TLDR: So you're whining about all of us other players, TO us other players, about how we don't know what we're talking about, and making points that contradict your own post where you basically say "Even I don't know what I'm talking about." Great. I can see you don't know what you're talking about. Stop being goofy. Take part in your community and share your suggestions with NQ in the proper format/way of suggestion threads and the like. Instead of projecting questions that won't be answered in a forum. Go watch all the videos where JC talks about his vision of the game. It doesn't appear like you're paying attention. Also, I'm glad you can come up with questions to ask NQ. Go ask them. Go take part in shaping the game like you're claiming you want instead of sitting on your hands. Sharing possible questions to be asked to someone who is not receiving them is stupid. What a pointless attention seeking post. As someone who works in the gaming industry, you may not be asking the right people. You don't look to the bird to know how to swim. Just because player JoeShmoe doesn't understand or know how a specific gameplay implementation works in the context of the question you ask, doesn't mean it can't be done or implemented well. My goodness.
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