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  1. So do you actually disagree with anything I said, or do you just feel compelled to comment? Would you agree that the graphics are good, and that limited money from a small subscriber base would be better utilized elsewhere?
  2. Then perhaps their team is made up of the wrong composition of employees. Hire more programmers instead, and if a year or two they want to increase the design, then hire some back on contract. That human resource $$$ could be better spent elsewhere.
  3. So I'm not too sure why there continues to be a push to increase the graphics in game. First of all, they are beautiful. Top notch. Second of all, has anyone ever said, "Man, DU has so much to do, and I really love it, but this texture mapping has me wanting to quit." Or, "Man, DU seems like a lot of fun, at a really good price, but until they improve the 3D models, I'm not buying it"? Every hour spent by an employee working on increasing the graphics instead of adding additional content is an absolute waste, and will do nothing to improve the player experience, or player numbers.
  4. Can you please put the PTS notes somewhere other than the launcher? I don't plan on playing on the PTS, but I'd like to read the patch notes to get an idea of what is being actively tested.
  5. It worked for me. I originally purchased the basic pack for $60. Later, when I went back to the store, the next tier was only $60 instead of $120. I was being given credit for the $60 I had already paid, and was only charged the difference.
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