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  1. I want to test this but i cannot find the DSAT anywhere for purchase. am i missing something?
  2. Regarding OS support, I just wish they would commit to a Linux build sooner rather than later. Anything built with a Linux stack can be easily ported to Windows, but not the other way around. Windows is also known to be very inefficient, which is something you do not really want when using compute and graphical compute for a came like this.
  3. I hope when they do this they give us a 2 week grace period to implement recopies before it brings current industry to a stand still while we get the new stuff we need to impliement. Same with energy management when it comes in.
  4. Wow.. looks like you have hit the DU endgame and we are not even out of beta!
  5. It feels like such a simple addition just to have an 'X' next to every link connection in an industry GUI and container, so we could terminate connections there instead of tracking links in build mode. This would save me a lot of time and frustration tracing connections.
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