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  1. So far, I have not found a way to get Industry machines to que up prerequisite assemblies. I'm struggling internally trying to decide if that's a bod thing, or not.
  2. I think the interface does a good job of communicating to the player the assemblies that are needed for a job. I don't really see anything wrong with letting the players be responsible for constructing those nested assemblies. I feel that being able to keep these nested assemblies organized is what is going to separate the great manufactures from the poor ones. I say this because the market costs & profits will be directly determined by how efficient a manufacturer is. There are many 3rd party tools that are available to help organize manufacturing. (manufacturing calculators, open ERP databases, etc) that a player could utilize to give themselves a better understanding, and to develop a flattened or "summarized" BOM
  3. Don't forget to also compare the damage resistances; these seem to improve quite a bit as you go up the tier ladder with pure & products.
  4. Do we really need to have all the different honeycombs, divided by different textures? Having to keep so many different kinds of honeycombs on hand in order to give our creations different colors & textures is kind of a PITA. I DO enjoy the varied statistics of the different honeycomb materials. (pure & products) Would it not be easier on both the players and the servers if we limited the honeycomb down to one block based on it's material, and offer the players a "paint & texture tool" instead? Thank you
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