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  1. Greetings, Been a lurker for a it, posted a few times on discord, but first time on forums. Looking for fellow kiwis and aussies to team up with Ingame to learn the game. Cheers
  2. discordauth:aoq3gCfWAyXGo6OqryCP4ZLf2G4W54ERje5DCVvitR0=

  3. Thought I'd drop by and say Hi, Big fan of these sorts of games, having been a big participant in games such as Eve Online, Minecraft and recently Space Engineers and now hopefully Dual Universe. Really liking what I've seen so far.
  4. Having been a big player of Eve Online, Star Trek Online, Minecraft and recently TOO MUCH Space Engineers lol Once I was introduced to Dual Universe, it was a natural progression to look into it and eventually loose may way inside the game. The ability to build and interact within a singleshard is also a massive attraction, Rather excited by what I see.
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