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    Massacher got a reaction from ZeeckZero in Cancel recurring subscription   
    They are on par with EA. Completely shit.
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    Massacher reacted to joaocordeiro in Server location   
    Amazon web services. 
    Basicaly company (owned by Jeff Bezos ) that provides datacenter services, like servers, websites, vpns and allot more. 
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    Massacher reacted to joaocordeiro in Server location   
    Its not, 1 ip or even 1 server or even 1 datacenter. 
    DU uses AWS. There are several parts and protocols involved. 
    Each player connects to the closest AWS endpoint that NQ set up. 
    If you want to know one of the ips you are connected, check your router for AWS reverse dnsed ips. 
    Or use wireshark(free) to sniff all your network packages. 
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    Massacher got a reaction from TheJabus in You've reached the max amount of core units you can deploy   
    I was doing the construct tutorial. When I got to the part where you use a static core it wouldn't let me place it. I asked in chat and someone said that I have to train my skills up. Which I have done as far as I can. I don't have enough points to train further. What kind of tutorial is this? Cannot even complete the basics and it's so much of a time sink. Five plus hours to train level four in Architect -> Static Core Unit Expertise. I realise it will take some time but for a tutorial where you are supposed to be learning the basic mechanics it's ridiculous. I basically cannot go any further because I've hit a wall.
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    Massacher got a reaction from Corvus in Beta key invite sent   
    Still tells me there is 1 available. I tried it 6 times. My friend hasn't received it. Are beta key invites not live yet? Or are there issues with it?
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    Massacher reacted to Gerofied in Hello   
    Hey Massacher, 
    I'm in Australia as well, got the game to for alpha. Send me a message if you ever want to play. 
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    Massacher reacted to Hagbard in Hello   
    welcome (again) Massacher!
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    Massacher reacted to NQ-Naerais in Hello   
    Welcome aboard, Massacher!
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