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  1. Can an admin please give me the Alpha Yes tag on my account so i may get access to the nda stuff on the discord. Thank you
  2. Clades

    I'm real ?

    hey you looking to play with some people?
  3. Hello i was hoping i can get one of you nice admins to update my status to alpha please. i can check that my account has patron status on dualthegame.com . thank for your time. i would just like to access the nda stuff so i can read some stuff about scripts
  4. discordauth:iRoNCT-Po2BxRPhyYFfor3Q63C25WjjHn2V2d1O0484=

  5. posting this message so people no i am real i guess lol
  6. discordauth:iRoNCT-Po2BxRPhyYFfor3Q63C25WjjHn2V2d1O0484=

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