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  1. Anora Industries is an Equal Opportunity employer! That aside we are currently a very small Organization. Our focus is going to be on Industries to make our wealth and exploring all the new content as it comes out. We currently have a home base on Teoma where our current factory is getting set up. We are a warp capable org. As of right now we are looking for people to play with and are very flexible on jobs that are open. Mainly we need more miners and if your artistic at all and wanna learn voxelmancy i can hook u up with a good teacher. We will have a coder once beta arrives but if you having coding skillz those are very welcome. Please Message Testiclese or Clades if your interested in game. The leaders are all in PST but we welcome people from all over. discord https://discord.gg/uRKA8xR
  2. Can an admin please give me the Alpha Yes tag on my account so i may get access to the nda stuff on the discord. Thank you
  3. hey you looking to play with some people?
  4. Hello i was hoping i can get one of you nice admins to update my status to alpha please. i can check that my account has patron status on dualthegame.com . thank for your time. i would just like to access the nda stuff so i can read some stuff about scripts
  5. discordauth:iRoNCT-Po2BxRPhyYFfor3Q63C25WjjHn2V2d1O0484=

  6. posting this message so people no i am real i guess lol
  7. discordauth:iRoNCT-Po2BxRPhyYFfor3Q63C25WjjHn2V2d1O0484=

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