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  1. "I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo"

  2. Getting the same issue and re-logging doesn't fix it.
  3. IMO, it would go against the intent of the game to place a hard limit like that. What may happen is that orgs might end up building a handful of designs based on cost and performance. You can build your own org's designs wholesale instead of paying another org's retail price.
  4. Some stuff I had been collecting for other space games: https://www.pinterest.com/4thpointofconta/ship-inspiration/ https://www.pinterest.com/4thpointofconta/tank-inspiration/
  5. discordauth:lYbgP3vxZ6JkkK6XIvVt9Bjaj3MWv0X6TI4_bwWTPdA=

  6. SoCalExile


    Just backed and looking to get on Discord.
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