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  3. Moving from a beta game to a PRE alpha game. What could go wrong?
  4. Elite dangerous P2P has no/ineffective sanity checking on the client data. there have been cases of ships sitting at 1% shields even while being bombarded by space stations and Corvettes flying faster than medium fighters such as the Fer de Lance. then of course pvpers’ most hated foes, the combat loggers.
  5. An entire planet?....O_O We perhaps have different definitions of the word “easily”
  6. Damn... this thread is a rollercoaster, and I thought Wombats being the only animals to poop cubic turds would be the most interesting thing I read today. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/01/how-do-wombats-poop-cubes-scientists-get-bottom-mystery though I guess DU just need to explain exactly what information is “uniquely” identifiable in game and available to export via the API in the EULA and making it an opt in, check box based, condition for playing the game.
  7. In fact, in the darkest latest hours of the night, I sometimes wonder if any of the devs are still actually there or have we just pissing into the wind all by our lonesomes for three days and they’ve all moved on to other projects... Just kidding, folks... cue Vsauce music: Or am I?
  8. also warlander, i dont think you understand how voxels work. atleast not when it comes to the storing of and whatnot. I dont have the best computer ever, but its ok, and i dont have your problem. What i have noticed, is that people with lower powered systems especially lower end video cards will get the error messages while mining or doing terrain work, and thats cause those lower end machines pass off hardware baked tasks to software, which takes longer to process, and the changes to the environment locally dont or cannot occur right away seeing a difference in what is and what should be, thus requiring the player to wait between actions. so.. maybe im wrong but im guessing strongly, its not the server, its likely you.....
  9. ive toyed with this idea as well, what if ore nodes produced like 1billion fold of thier current ore, and weight of said ore was equally increased. Waltzing through a whole hex worth of nodes of ore and leaving behind ultimaely a desolate husk of a hex takes a solid team of 6-10 dedicated skilled miners about a day... im not sure whats gonna power pvp with land providing materials as a driving force if theres nothing of value to be had in the land hexes... cause by the time land pvp comes, the ore in any major rural area will be gone for KM all around. we dont need to mine up the whole deposit we do that cause were greedy little gamers and DU did a good job of teaching you early on before you got a stable supply of containers that you might not want to just mine up all the ore cause then you cant carry it. I thought that was a interesting mechanic that would play into the game somehow but not really cause now its link yourself to 8 XL Expanded containers on a hub and empty the mega node so you can sell it to the computer... if extracting the entire node took a month or more then there would be some long term sustanibility that i could see in it, but with the existing iteration of minecraft style mechanics i do not see that occuring. Torch everything and start new Hire an economist Rebalance the ore yields, think of the real world, theres a copper deposit in Michigan thats been excavated by man for like 3000 years now... atleast... and its still got ALOT more copper in it rebalance the cost of ... everything... remove some base ores from outer planets, to encourage measured and predictable growth force the community to grow outward from alioth and not just blah like a virus on a sneeze at the theater Place value on existing ore deposits being long term fixtures instead of making them vapor bits and encourage a community growth pattern thats outward and not random Do these things and you will start to get some interesting gameplay that arises and less people being bored cause its all too pointless and easy.
  10. This is such a good point! Under GDPR any unique identifier is PII, including things like a player name. As I understand it, even a randomly generated token is PII if unique to the individual, such as a player ID. Exposing this via API/LUA is basically giving it to third parties, so.... something NQ should really think about. The US has no federal concept of PII laws, but many states have laws similar to GDPR.
  11. implement a list display option for inventory contents. Not much else to that, the argument is easily justified by the demand for a more functional inventory.
  12. Prints are a good idea, but the current iteration of implementing them in industry is a bit tedious. Id think that if NQ were to move the print bank to the core for the construct, and then you can go to the core and put in as many of the prints as you want to have in that building Then at the industrial unit itself you can select from a list of available recipes instead of the current iteration in which each machine has its own bank, that is unnecessarily tedious. This makes for altering industry as a whole much more streamlined say if you wanted to alter the production chain of a building, or decommission a series of industrial machines etc.
  13. Do you have a hard time landing at a marketplace because people leave their crap laying everywhere? Yes you do, I do, NQ Definitely does. I present the solution : Parking Meters. Parking Meters would be a window popup that lets you buy time in blocks of an hour max and after that your construct gets "towed" into impound space. This window can appear say.. 10 -15 minutes after a person lands a ship on the market platform. When it appears, you pay for up to 1 hour. At the end of that hour a window appears again. You should get a few minutes (5?) to acknowledge the window before it defaults you as in violation, and tows your construct. This would let people who are around and active use this and if they fail to pay the meter cause they logged off or went away then their constructs are gone too within a reasonable timeframe. Your saying ok Grev, what stops one person from docking multiple constructs and just using one alt to pay the meters? Well thats easy.. You add a compound multiplier per construct per hour per org / person / etc... to ensure one person isn't paying this for multiple constructs indefinitely This would be very easily implemented and force people off the platforms at the least if they want to display their "market carts", they can do this in the player markets that would spring up around the main hubs, or the devs could add this parking meter to the whole hex...
  14. Your arguments might carry weight if you had ANY proof at all of the extent of the schematic sale fiasco. But your just pulling numbers out of thin air to support your own view that 'it doesn't matter' .
  15. Thinking about this some more I think people in here are misunderstanding what 'personally identifiable information' actually means (at least in the European context of the relevant real-world laws). A character name is clearly personally identifiable information in this context because there is only one real-world individual who is using that player name. It doesn't matter that you can't actually get to the real-world information for the person, all that matters is that only one person in the real world uses that in-game name, so the in-game name identifies one real-world individual. It is personally identifiable information. I think people have to be careful what information they store along with in-game names in this context. I don't really know what the rules would be for in-game information being stored together with this (a list of orgs I have been in, for example). IMO abusing in-game information about someone is pretty similar to killing someone in-game, it's all part of the game. But if they store any information which can be used to derive real-world information about the individual uniquely identified by the character name then that's clearly going to be covered by a lot of real-world laws. One obvious example would be saving my character name together with the date and time at which I passed by a particular point. Now you have a list of dates and times when I, the uniquely identifiable indivudual in the real world, was sat at my computer playing a video game. That's tracking real world activity of humans whether you like it or not. And it might not stay in-game. Say, for example, I'm playing games when I'm meant to be working and my boss catches me. They might get my character name from my work computer then go pay whoever is collecting information in-game real-world money for a list of the times I was known to be playing. At that point it's not really in-game information at all. In Europe, at least, they would have to get my permission before keeping a list of information which has the potential to be used in this way, telling me why they have it and offering me the option to have it deleted at any time. But it all depends where the person who is collecting the information lives, what they store and where they store it.
  16. You guys take it as you want...i've started to believe NQ put the schematics in the market in order to boost our development progress knowing we wont reach Tier 4-5 progress soon. I mean you dont have to be an Einstein to do the math. 1: schematics fiasco - max 10b quanta damage. (2-3 days of mining for the community present in game). 2: 2nd wave of bot orders - 100b+ more inflated quanta in the game. Nobody talks anything about it, 10 dudes are pissed fiasco and 400+ happy for new orders. The schematic fiasco is close to nothing. Only few were smart enough to buy in time pre-req schematics also. 2 dudes baught same recipe for countless of times. Now the real advoces of the show dont want to buy warp beacon schematic but they want to loan it Gl getting your 500-800 mil blocked quanta anytime soon. So, 10b vs 100b+ Now try again.
  17. Greetings, That's quite a contribution to the community that would like to experience the racing or even spectate it. I mean, if you can cram 100,000 people into a huge arena and watch people do left turns for 200-400 laps (NASCAR) or any of the racing circuits... why not DU? An overarching goal to this game is to progress it through community initiative. Player built citadels and factions, cities and hubs of engagement... all community driven. Burble is ahead of the curve and took the time and tasked themselves (along with others) to achieve something. To Burble.... much love and respect! You have the vision, I think, the game designers want to see progressing. I hate to see the salty ones come here to complain about something unrelated. I've plenty of salt myself but have decided to not to sling it. The "error" on the schematics issue was just that, an error. Rolling back the server may have been idea at ground zero of the discovery of the error, but the opportunity was missed. They acknowledged the error, weighed the options, and made a decision not to do a rollback. Implementing procedural controls to prevent the recurrence of the error were carried out. On the flip side of it, it is my understanding that the mountain of tickets are being sculpted down to a masterpiece of teamwork and the ticket team is gaining ground. New ticket submittal is in decline. There is the backlog as well but it's being carved on. They listened... give it time. A lot of improvements can be made, expect some errors or setbacks to happen occasionally, and apply yourself to the greater goals of building your empire. The big ticket items such as the markets and other problems are seeing steady debate on resolution. If you have an idea, submit it here https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/ or in the idea box. But give Burble the props they deserve as well as those who have contributed to make it happen. ~Rhotan~ "Do not walk in front of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside of me and be my friend." - Albert Camus
  18. 1st time ? I mean, you havent been in front of a screen in DU where you see your ign and a code ? lol.
  19. i actually start to believe they know we are not capable to reach Tier 4 and 5 progress and they gave us the schematics via market error. There will be wipes but you get all your stuff back. Game is set as: Released and players are joining knowing this status. They know know there will be a fiasco and players will want their subscription money back. Its not that hard to understand the consequences of wiping 1 year form now an active world vs not wiping it. I mean, we are 1 year away from end of beta. Isnt that enough time to achieve greatness ? You have T1-T3 stuff in market. In 3 months you can get anything you want. And good luck wiping Alioth and those beautiful cities created during years of Alpha 😜
  20. I can think of 3 theories to explain why this happens. 1 - They have already decided on a full wipe for release. So taking measures now would be a waste of resources. 2 - They dont have the man power or the technical resources to do it. 3 - This is the end. And this things never end nice. Whats your opinion?
  21. At best it can record the character's name which is not he same. The account is identified in game by a number, there is no reference nor a way to obtain the account name (which for DU is the email address used) beyond that. So yes, one can identify a player in game by the ID even when they change their character name but that is about as far as it goes. If you have anything to show me this is not correct I'd be happy to accept that but afaik this is the situation in game.
  22. The devs act on things they consider important. They are not acting on economic exploits/bugs/mistakes as a general rule of thumb. This pretty much means that the devs are acknowledging they don't have any plans to be an EVE style economic empire building game any time soon.
  23. Okay, now we're back to talking about RL...fun! Let's assume someone placed the same kiosk near the entrance of a local mall. It scans everyone that enters or leaves the mall. There's no consent, no TOUs, no permissions granted. Is that illegal...? No, it's basically a security camera. They can write software and create a profile with various analytics, like how often you visit or the likelihood that someone in similar demographics will visit again. Yes, they can sell that data to third parties... To Hazaatan's point, it works differently in DU because it records your actual player name. The equivalent RL technology would be the same mall scanner, but with facial recognition that can attach your real name to the record. Now you have credit reports, social media profiles, etc...all because someone dared to walk by a scanner they didn't know about. Here's the screwy part...that's still legal in the USA. And yes, they could still sell that data to a third party. One of the few "regulations" that does exist has zero mechanism for enforcement and is basically written as a "please be responsible" guideline rather than a specific law: Source: https://uclawreview.org/2020/09/09/protecting-personally-identifiable-information-in-the-united-states/ The reality is that the USA has no concept of protecting PII in federal law. Not trying to be political, just trying to provide perspective and reminding people in the EU not to take GDPR for granted lol.
  24. @Hazaatan You do realize that this is a sand box and society building game? This means we have to build the social order within it. This means when we hear about other players being Pirates, which obviously most of us dislike...we declare it Illegal IN GAME, group together IN GAME, and solve the problem IN GAME. The conundrum we have here is that what is called the "safe zone" which protects you from direct player operated damage from elements specifically built to reduce HP, is in fact the most dangerous zone you can be in because no social order can be enforced except by hard coding it in. The OP's stuff will not work in a combat zone. I wonder if the people who criticized me before when I was asking for people to stop calling it a "safe zone" and "PvP zone" when it's not safe and PvP still happens in the so called safe zone are starting to realize I am, in fact, entirely correct.
  25. Yesterday
  26. If this forum was "in game" roleplay I would of course feign outrage myself because I'm not getting in on the action yet. But this section of the forum is clearly "Out of Game". So they seriously think that they have a certain degree of in game rights and privacy in this game, which means they think they had the same in past games...which means they have no idea what's going on.
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