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  2. Greetings! I'm Matt The Martian. I am really hopeful about this game as compared to any other space games at the moment. I am glad the developers in this game are really focused on the multiplayer aspect of the code and look forward to seeing great things from this game. Cheers, MTM
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  7. Virtesi


    He put it in his interests as well though.
  8. _Ykky_


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  12. yamamushi


    probably a discord auth for a different bot
  13. Virtesi


    What's the point of this post?
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  16. Nineless


    I'll like this approving please so i can use the discord NDA rooms.....
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  18. Hey all. I'm a Landmarkian! Some of you might remember me :) I just got the game tonight and am looking forward to playing it
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  20. Epicpexguy


    Hi everyone!
  21. Ok so haven't seen this question in forum; so guessing I'm the only nub that can't work it out. Easy steps please to add my airbrake to hover craft?? Been trying all options I can see......no luck at all...
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