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  2. supermega

    Inside Novaquark, a Dual Universe Podcast

    Please, keeping doing these.
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  4. AreS

    Physical financial securities

    Make a handy item, let's say, a tablet that cannot be duplicated ingame. Tablet shows host of player specified web request plus response. Probably: Give the player a save place to store them while afk. Possibility of alternative player managed currency bound to ingame object: Done. Possibility of player managed "certificates of ownership" ect. Done. Am i wrong?
  5. Take data from the market, show players (even without access to the market) "There's a player nearby selling what you (might) need".
  6. supermega

    Podcasts! (BIG thank you NQ!)

    I agree
  7. The Podcast is really nice, I appreciate the detail as much as was possible. NQPlease do not let this opportunity slide to inform the community and keep em coming with a reasonable frequency (one every month seems like a good start). Just talking about stuff and sharing is pretty much what I have missed from NQ for a long time. A+ and keep em coming!
  8. Hey everyone! Looking forward to playing this awesome game with you all. Could someone please approve my profile so I can join the NDA section of the discord? Thanks!
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  10. I like your pajamas
  11. Hi guys, The idea of making a podcast has been circling in our heads for some time. We wanted to reach out to our community in a new and captivating way, and today you can discover the end result. We're very excited to bring you some behind the scenes material and invite you to join us while we discuss what's new in DU. If the community's response is positive, we may make a series out of it. You can listen to this first episode below on YouTube: It's also available on SoundCloud: Happy listening! We'd love to hear your feedback! Cheers, Nomad
  12. Yes BOO, stop watching him in his sleep ! I want exclusivity on my stream ! Hum... Is there some lawyer organisation yet ?
  13. Yuuyake

    Introduction, observations, and opinion

    Is it like blood ? Does it have to be mine ? ^^ NK president ! Wait, wait, wait... They listen to people, and take their opinions into account. They actually produced things and make it visible. They explain their choices... NK... Freaking president !
  14. Yuuyake

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    True words friend, true words. And time is relative... Lua todo-list new entry, the Red Button.
  15. Yuuyake

    Another drop in this freaking huge universe

    Hi Aaron, thank you and welcome back ! I'm the first of my group to be active in the forum, the others will join it once Alpha 2 begin. We are discussing the details of our ingame orientation before presenting ourselves to the community. *No spoilers !* But I was planning to talk to them about INA this weekend...
  16. Yuuyake

    Municipalities and Governing System

    We need to erase this before New Genesis find it ! function DeusVult() if planet.intruder.heretic() then planet.intruder.purge() end end
  17. Ja Moin Moin 


  18. CoreVamore

    Parvisian Empire Recruitment

    Stop watching me sleeping! Damn BOO!
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  20. Aaron Cain

    Introduction, observations, and opinion

    Indeed, the potential is almost evenly large as the size they are planning for DU. One cannot describe the fascination this can unlock within game lovers with limitless imagination. When a game is so clear in telling why some game elements are impossible and just stick with it instead of wiggling around the hot matter, it brings confidence in the fulfillment of a dream once taken to the drawingboard to be lifted into the cloud of imaginary visionary posibilities followed by the well know words "Take my money".
  21. Aaron Cain

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    Hahaha, Your free to blow up any universe in any other game, well even if you By accident blow up a planet in DU you can still join the InA, as-long as you are neutral by the Conami. Accidental planetary blowups are not described, we all have that red button we better not push, Right? Sometimes planets are just in the way for that interstellar Highway and there is no other possibility, just make sure you sent them a note in advance
  22. Aaron Cain

    Another drop in this freaking huge universe

    Welcome here YuuYake!!! I have been on a small vacation and already had the privilege to meet you on the forum in some posts. Welcome to DU!!!!! I do hope you find what you are looking for, and I see you don't want to join a big Org, how about a smaller one? Greetz Aaron
  23. hmmmmm Good point!!! Well we are an open organization and always open to suggestions so i will bring it to the team
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  25. DecoyGoatBomb

    Municipalities and Governing System

    Honor system among gamers. Nothing could go wrong
  26. Yesterday
  27. Guys, guys... I'm so disappointed... You started so well... CONAMI was near perfect ! And then... Then you decide to add MDP... It' okay, I guess... But I can't believed you miss it ! It was just there ! To join INA, one must sign CONAMI & CODE - Common Organized Defense Edicts ! More seriously, nice idea and nice implementation of it. And the logo, the symbol of the leaf and its ramifications fit well with the concept.
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