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  2. No we have not, you have. Or at least you have spun anything you can to suit your story line even when it is nonsense
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  5. Laughed way to much on that first part. I see what you're saying. I'll give an example, let's take Star Wars battlefront 2 before the rework. The star cards don't directly win you the game, sure you still have to aim down sight, actually look at an enemy. But they give you a clear advantage. Sure you can earn these cards in game, but the grind is ridiculous.. swaying you to perches the cards DU could be similar if not addressed now. But in this case, blueprints, marital, labour etc etc will be the indirect 'win' all of which would take hours, if not days/weeks or even months. With this in mind, you could argue NQ have made the mining process tedious just to get you to go to the market.
  6. This thread is a top tier shit show that I nearly had a stroke reading, but Ill throw my hat in because I have nothing better to do on a sunday. Lets say I drop N amount of dollars on a DAC. Lets assume I bought this DAC for the sole purpose of putting it on the open market. We will also assume I was smart and bought it on an account that had an avatar directly next to a public market terminal. I will sell this DAC for some amount of quanta that has been determined by the market. Now I can buy materials or components or whatever suits me. All I have done is buy some components. Yes I skipped the couple hours of mining to do this, but I all I have is components. I still have to build the ship, fly the ship, and get the ship out of a safe zone and into friendly territory all without losing it. I haven't gained that much advantage really. And at least I will have contributed something to the community. If all you do is market trade for 6 hours a day to gain quanta, you will have actually contributed less to the community than someone selling a DAC. I now you're going to ignore all of that and say I'm a blind sheep, but I tried. Also please stop posting from two accounts. Its a cancer and might not look great to mods.
  7. You have agreed you can benefit in game by buying DACs. Agreeing it's pay to win. BigEdge came right out and said but also put it in a way, where it's the nicest possible pay to win model he's ever seen. Venstix has called it P2W. Why, because it's pay to win loool We can go in circles about scenarios, like what would happen if 2/3/4 massive orgs decide to fight it out, and they find themselves a few ships short. Reeeee reeeeeee reeeeee. You're glossing over the fact it's P2W, not suggesting any better implications. And shockingly trying to justify pay to win. I'm baffled by some of you people. The fact that you're willing to except this so easily tells me you already think the game will flop. In which case I salute you for supporting novaquark financially
  8. Not WE....YOU have come to the conclusion. And again: what will he do with that ship which allows him "winning" anything? How will he man guns? What ingame skills will he have? And most importantly: where's the difference between that and an org which will build it? He may buy that ship. He may even pay guys to help him man that ship. What will he do? How will that be winning? Does he have the ingame skills to fly it? Does he have the ingame skills to set up the needed rdms to get everyone the correct rights to use everything? Does this ship automatically means he will destroy everyone? Why? There's more to this than you say and I think you rly don't know anything about this game if you think having a massive ship is p2w. And before you say something: yes he may have bought it with rl money but that doesn't neccessarily make it p2w. Life's not black and white
  9. Blazemonger. I've given examples and reasons a few times. We've already come to the conclusion it's pay to win. Not full blown, could always be worse but it is in fact a pay to win model.. if some1 is flying a massive ship, and some1 can think ' I wonder how many DACs he sold to build that' is even possible.. it's pay to win Venstix put it pretty well Any1 can edit a conversation to match their bias. You JCs alt account? Lool But seriously, if you can't keep up don't step up x I forgot to mention when I say, I hear, I mean I've watched a Dev blog or read on the forums somewhere. I didn't mean to suggest they're swimming in it right now but they can afford to develop the game as it is right now. That's just subscription alone, and at first is where they will have a high player count because it's a new release (advertising, marketing etc etc) also the cosmetics they can bring in, server technology can be sold in some form. On launch I'm pretty sure the player count will be over 100k. Money is the least of their worries right now. Getting the players and making the servers better are priority I imagine! Hence the NDA imo. Subscription and p2w will be dead on arrival as soon as it gets worded like that. Again subscription is fine, it will keep the riff raff like my good self out, for the most part
  10. Yes, but you were kinda suggesting that they are swimming in money and I think it's a little bit too early for that party just yet. And don't forget that they will continue to develop and add content to the game after release, rent/maintain a sizable server farm, and aim provide quality service. Those have been some of the reasons mentioned for the subscription model. So that's going to significantly extend those 2 years you mentioned, if we're going to assume that. Btw. they do owe all the backers a shitload of DACs. Basically everyone who backed will be playing for free for months, years or even lifetimes. So the current playerbase already won't generate much revenue for the first few years. Unless they sell their DACs, but then the buying players still won't be generating that revenue. I should hope that they will indeed turn a profit at some point, but I wouldn't expect it to be any sooner than any other well run and successful business. For which 3 years to profitability is considered a good average. So while I understand your point about p2w (although I only partially agree), I can't really see DU as a shameless cash grab by any stretch. They are of course a for-profit business, but I think things could have been much worse if they had to answer to a game publisher instead.
  11. I am talking about the texture it just doesn't looks good it's bot the quality it's the look of it and the foliage mesh color is horrible and the trees omg baddd.
  12. If doing so means you buy an advantage that can't be obtained without spending that RL money sure. That does not apply for DU. Sure.. EVE has been dying since 2003, yet seems to do quite well doing so. How will selling a DAC bought with RL money give you an advantage? It starts to sound like you like to spout random accusations without actually having an understanding of the actual mechanic or purpose. Selling a DAC in game will give you X amount of Quanta in your account, nothing more nothing less. It does not make you a better player, it does not give you better skill, you can't obtain goods or services in game that you could not otherwise get. What is your argument to make this statement (and no, this is not an opinion, you are making a statement with not a single fact to back it up) Excepts you don't. Selling a DAC gives you quanta in the bank, nothing more, nothing less. You keep saying that but you fail to ever make a single argument that supports that claim. You can't because you have no idea what you are talking about and your only reason to be here is to troll your "argument". Your problem is that anything you say is based on "what you hear" and not on actual facts. And by now you have transformed what you hear to being fact. Which is the major flaw in anything you are trying to argue since you have no information nor actual facts to back up anything you say. "One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think your are right but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong." - Neil Degrasse Ttyson If ppl are dumb enough to be workforce in this game where they could have their own business and potentially work their way to not ever having to pay for a sub that's on them. If others are smart enough to take the opportunity these players present then good on them. Stopped doing so regarding yourself a while ago.. We don't know yet, yes, no They are, eventually they will be removed is the plan. But that will not remove the possibility to put in _effort_ and start making money in game quickly and easily. NQ has actually made a public announcement of a mechanic to allow new players to do so from the moment they enter the game. That you choose to go with what some random content creator says over what NQ has officially announced is on you. No it's not, you are merely building a story around your personal truth by twisting what others are saying to suit your narrative. So feck the devs and company, I will not back you unless you give me what I want for free. Great attitude there. Do you even have a basic understanding of what a game like DU will cost to keep running on a monthly basis? You keep coming up with this 50K player count? where do you get this from? EVE is not dead, it's doing fine. Could be better but doing fine. How by giving you free access? LOL, you sound like a clueless teenager with no sense of reality here.. It seems that for you a monthly income of £500K is a lot, it will not even cover personnel cost for the company.. That money is pretty much gone by now if you run the numbers. And again you are talking out of your behind here, your statement is so incorrect your math teacher would not be able to even grade it. Start by actually getting your facts straight, then maybe come back to actually have a talk on this. Overall.. thanks for the entertainment, I have a good laugh so far and remember;
  13. Not all the 20m, they don't owe me and most likely you anything, they've basically delivered on their promise in my eyes for the most part 50k paying £10 a month is half a million a month. Just pure subscription alone. That's low balling imo (player wise). They could lone out their engine like epic games does. Cosmetic. Sponsorships, etc. They could pay back 20m in 2 years if they went hard imo. The technology alone is worth more than that I'm willing to bet. I would like to see the valuation of NQ come to think of it
  14. Well, it's not like they got those 20m euros as a christmas present. They got it from private investors, who will be wanting all of that money back and more. And that's just for NQ to break even. NQ doesn't have 20m, they owe 20m.
  15. Not everyone agrees since the cost are not reflecting what they deliver. If they deliver good assets and mechanics then okay. But it is not honest to charge when profits are stable and there is no risk of removing p2p.
  16. no... i sayd you have a Sandbox game much bigger than any other. And if you like you can remove hole planets if you got the time and patience. And as only the starter Planet has the surface from Great Britain alone, it would take the same amount of time, as if you want to dig out GB out of the Atlantic. You can remove everything and place it anywhere else in DU like in all the other Voxel based Games. To have this possibility, i would be fine with having the same graphics quality like in those games. But in DU it looks already better than in other Voxel Games. And this without 4k textures. And high res textures are not yet important in Alpha development. But they will come when theyre needed.
  17. Did you just said that I can switch the trees files? to see better trees?
  18. You know that you can place and remove this all anywhere you want right? The best looking Games i know that can do the same are 7Days2Die, Empyrion, Space Engineers and some others. imho DU already looks better than all of them. DU has no high res textures yet, but as you know DU is in Alpha development right now. I expect High res Textures and other performance fixes will come when all the important Gameplay features are implemented. They come, but its not that important right now in development.
  19. We could implement hair mesh template and maybe clothes template so organizations could upload their own uniforms with a price obviously like 19$-40$ EU for every pieces it would add another aspect on the game! So people would recognize nationalities of other players and enhance roleplay and lore it would also help to pay the rent of the server and obviously put a limit of uploads example an org can only make 4 uniforms if they have 500 members and same for player hair meshes one per player or two maybe even raise the price if you want more.
  20. yes its my account, i explained it earlier. im ok with subcription, no problems there. im not ok with DACs being 100% pay to win. dont confuse the 2, like subcription can only be implemented with a p2w model the game is already paid for, they got way more than they needed to make this game, thats a fact. so at the very least, they could show some respect and not have a p2w model. i dont know if eve was a kick starter and i dont really care. what i do care about is how this game will turn out. these fourms are gathering dust and theres current less than 50k backers. do you really want this to stagnate at our current numbers? did anyone actually argue this? Please dont speak for the entire games population. i assure you not many players would agree to a p2w model.
  21. I think they should have a restriction true but based on their number of members.. Like for example me I wanna build a huge city that will prob require 3-4 TU or 2 idk.. but would be very dissapointed if I cannot do that..
  22. Exactly even requirement of fuel for a STU or TU is stupid TUs are used for griefing protection I think that you can still be attacked.. but you will only need to repair your buildings not rebuild..
  23. Ah there we go... @xlDvSlx @DvS_UK You both just seem to have the same arguments. I would lean out of the window and say your both are the same person. Both just here to argue against a payment model that is well established. Everyone is fine with this but you. Me and everyone else accepts how the game will be payed, or not payed in terms of the free to play Players in DU And now theres you try to arguing against it? If you want to play the game for free just DU it
  24. I noticed that the foliage is in low-poly and there are so much possibilities with Low-poly I don't understand how DU can't get better looking foliage and trees .. Also the ground terrain on Du is a nightmare it's scary it's a nightmare!! It looks like honeycomb or a closeup picture dropped on the floor.
  25. I think it is totally ridiculous to make a L core giant .. the core itself takes too much place and is not good looking at all it ruins spaceship beauty and most of the in game decorations are bad looking too much thick they look really bad and they are too big to look good and I honestly think DU should hire better content maker all their concept art looks cool but in game we get a fence thicker than a wall.
  26. Terraforming should be a thing because alot of celestial bodies are rocks without landscape like lacobus has no mountains for example I feel like alioth is the only planet with beautiful mountains..
  27. I prefer that idea over their star gate bad idea on the roadmap..
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