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  2. geronimo553

    Massive cave planet

    That is a really interesting suggestion actually! I hope the devs could configure something like this someday or even a version underwater.
  3. blazemonger


    NQ has already said as much in that they shared that following release their goal towards the first expansion would be to open up ways into a new solar system. Also the seeds for this expansion will be planted in the game (at release) to build a storyline towards that goal.
  4. blazemonger

    Safe Zones

    @Sigtyr True if all you consider is a PVP mindset and playstyle which in DU is just one of many possible ones. For one you as a player can be an asset and a resource for others, especially when you join an org where you can play an important part in any number of possible roles, something not seen in many other MMO games with a big exception there being EVE online. Players will control how their territory is policed. If they fail, others will not go there to trade or work. DU is not a "PVP game". A comparison with Archeage (what I consider as your average P2W Fantasy MMO) is IMO completely off, the two are nothing alike at all. As I see it one of the biggest problems looming for DU is the saber rattling and tough talk seen around here where no one really knows yet what combat will be like, how it may or may not affect others and in what way. There is nothing worse than a game which is killed of by its community even before it gets started and/or where the community sets up expectations which are not inline with what he developer intends to do and/or forces a dev to make unwanted changes. For one, this and other threads does indicate to/for me that NQ has some work to do to set clear expectation as to what their vision and intent for DU really is.
  5. TheBloke


    Hey, I'm a real person! Can I get moderator approval now? 😛
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  8. Serula

    Massive cave planet

    I would love to see a planet with caves big enough to fly through possibly all the way to the core so you can get lost trying to get back to the surface. Basically a planet with like 30%cave and 70%matter. I imagine you could make really nice structures or cave cities in there and have a different challenge in finding and mining resources. It may not be very realistic but hey that's what games are for right.
  9. geronimo553


    Welcome to the universe of dual!
  10. geronimo553


    Although correct, there is nothing to be hidden about our neutrality agreements. Cerberus is in fact, proud to align with other organizations seeking free and unburdened business commerce ☺️
  11. Vulcore


    Isn't The definition of Ulterior to be concealed or secret collaboration ?
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  13. Vulcore


    Welcome Watch out for recruiters
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  15. geronimo553


    Cerberus is proud to announce our first neutrality agreement with, Sovereignty Integral of Tilo!! We greatly look forward to all our future exchanges with our new friends. May prosperity guide us forward.
  16. geronimo553

    What happens when you die?

    Well we know that the current "planned" death system just places you back on a respawn node and inventory is lost. The rest of the details are up in the air until NQ states more about it.
  17. Rakash Pariah


    Just saying hello for the first time. Some of you regulars may have seen me lurking on the Discord or in DU, making trouble. >_>
  18. Sigtyr

    Safe Zones

    There are some vital issues for many here. 1. You as a player and your creations are the content & loot for other players in the current system (can of course be changed). 2. The number of successful self policing PvP games are very small. 3. Remember ArcheAge? Wonderful game in testing, live not so much (the big guilds in AA did not really do nice things and could not be stopped). I sincerely hopes that DU becomes successful and I hope the PvP play test will be a real one with lots of griefing, that way the developers have a chance to solve any problems.
  19. geronimo553


    Welcome to the forums!
  20. geronimo553


    Welcome to the forums, hopefully the game been fun thus far! If you are interested in an organization that is about trade, advanced designs, other more "specialized" activities, let me know.
  21. geronimo553


    Welcome to the universe of dual!
  22. geronimo553


    Welcome to the forums!
  23. Borb_1


    Why stop there? NQ could probably duplicate Alioth and modify it a bit to create a twin-sister planet in the same system; or if there's really that many players, add another system with Arkship 2, perhaps call this one "Eveship" (lol then the naming game circle would be "complete" 😉 ). They don't seem to have a great difficulty with some of things that used to be immense work loads in MMO development eg entire new zones/maps etc. Procedural generation is immense with respect to creating enormous 3D spheroid planets. That said @Cainon puts it most Ably (lol) 😉 with respect to the prodigious effect of players that's possible and usually catches devs off guard. But that all said, the biggest danger is not the above, it's an empty large world. So to begin with, 1 solar system will be enough space to keep the population density conducive to creating the "network effect".
  24. Borb_1

    Star Citizen

    There's some more networking information from back in 2017 by Clive Johnson, their (iirc) Chief Networking Engineer (nice guy too) that zeroes in on CIG's networking solution: "Server Meshing". Tbh I remember reading this, it feels years ago now, but coming back to it, I'm impressed with how succinct he's managed to convey the entire idea in such a short but useful description. Worth a read:- If you follow the highlighted bits I think it describes what will happen (wide space).
  25. Vulcore


    + 1
  26. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    ' It's that time of the year again! Christmas...and the Dual Universe State of Affairs by Kurock. In a stellar article, Kurock expertly summarises all the events, drama and updates within Dual Universe since the last State of Affairs was released earlier this year. As he aptly put it: '...the game wrapped within a game was afoot.' Be sure to read and leave a comment here or retweet and share the love on Twitter . Cheers. '
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