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  3. Alsan Teamaro

    Is this real life?

    as if nothing really matters ....
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  5. DarthSarcasm

    Is this real life?

    If Im not back again this time TOMORROWWW CARRY ONNNNN carry on
  6. blazemonger

    How do you go about gifting the game?

    Not possible unless you jump through a number of rather annoying hoops.
  7. For reference, NQ explained themselves here:
  8. How are similar MMO titles moving away from subscription models?
  9. Frankly having the game be a flat fee inclusive of some type of cash shop for elements and other accessories would drive me away from this particular game only because of the fact that the developers would be spending all of their time developing more crap for players to buy in order to maintain their income and to have the funds to continue developing more crap for players to buy it is a ridiculous model and one that the industry as a whole should be ashamed of. Whole thing is a vicious circle and makes her porking play poor player interaction and poor support because quite frankly it's designed to be a cash cow.
  10. CodePeon

    Data Handtool

    Do I also find important
  11. great work. respect. looking forward to seeing the pictures sometime ingame.
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  14. The gaming world appears to be moving away from monthly fees for games. Perhaps a flat fee would be better with payments for ENTIRELY non gameplay items like decorative elements, element skins or paying to import your own models/skins from Blender (subject to review before acceptance) etc? Edit: title fixed
  15. Lethys

    Without breaking the NDA...

    Look at their YT videos about shipbuilding, the ship contest and the outpost contest. Also, they have quite some pics on twitter of player built ships. That should give you an idea of what ppl do
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  17. captainpanama

    Without breaking the NDA...

    What can you tell me about shipbuilding atm. Is it better for shipbuilding than Empyrion or Space Engineers in terms of blocky designs? I'm really interested in this game and would love to pledge, but spending $120 just to log in to a game that will let me build ships as blocky as Empyrion or Space Engineers will not be for me. The only reason I will play this game is to become a starship builder, making cool flyable looking ships and even meddling with LUA if necessary to achieve what I want. I think in terms of just raw modelling (not in game ship mechanics because it really it's subpar to space engineers) Empyrion is, in my opinion, the best ship modeller out there. With that said, will I be able to make ships right now better that what you can do with Empyrion? Technically speaking is there a feature to make edges rounded (smoothing the edges to make a bevel like in a polygon edge). I have attached an image to explain myself better. Best regards, CP.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Nicodemus

    Hello fine people

    Hey, Everyone! I'm officially a DU newb, pity me. Glad to be here though.
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  21. Alsan Teamaro

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Anti-gravity toilets onboard, please ... Otherwise it is a bitch.
  22. kalimero1982

    hello from Belgium

    hello all just contributed looking forward to seeing how this game progresses. also need a moderator to approve my posts i'll see you all inside
  23. Ripper

    Single Shard MMO

    And that's the jist of the conversation. Being able to hide away in some remote place, where the odds are very small (not impossible) that anyone would find you. I have to say, I get where you're coming from. The size of the Alioth system will be big enough for that. It's hard to comprehend the vast distances we're talking about. A star system is HUGE! I wouldn't be surprised if you could be a hermit on Alioth.
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  25. Liiw


    I have been enjoying the game for past two testing sessions, and I am quite excited by all the possibilities in this world. Previously I have been playing a lot of Minecraft, Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. I like these kinds of building games. Currently I am stuck around the orbit of Thades trying to figure out how to regain control of my ship. Well, I'm in the gravity well so I'm gonna land either way
  26. Sigtyr

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Require Building permits, in French.
  27. Aaron Cain

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    full surface reset including trees every 24 Hrs
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