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  3. This is actually funny, many ppl reported (often with screenshots) getting different percentage of extra ore, we couldn't find a good explanation on how the +% was applied on the scan result but at least we agreed we were getting more ore then the scan showed. If your test and your math are reliable the only explanation possible is that the scan results are not accurate.
  4. because it is simply tedious and boring game play
  5. Basically, an element which removes you from radar detection but likewise prevents you from locking a target. I would however recommend not falling into the EVE trap of having them last forever and be utterly impenetrable. That said i do like the idea that exceeding an arbitrary change in velocity breaks or prevents cloaking.
  6. You mean ARPANET (Yes, it was funded by a DARPA, later renamed ARPA and then back to DARPA under Clinton... but the network's name was ARPANET). The Advanced Reasearch Projects Agency Network, which came out of a desire for a network with the express ability to be able to route around "outages" (cutely metaphorical word for being nuked, which allowed them to unlock federal funding), when in reality it was more the fact that electronics were so unreliable that they needed a way to ensure that the network remained operational even if some blown transistors rendered a node inoperable. It became, in effect, a drive to create an automated, digital version of the telephone network which at the time consisted of patchboards and switched operated by human switchboard staff. By the end of the fifties, it was still limited to just four disparate machines and in order to expand beyond the original four computers, DARPA enlisted the help of various universities and research labs. Research laboratories and universities of course saw the need for reliable exchange information and federal funds were made available for them to research packet switching and proto TCP/IP which is the basis of modern TCP/IP today which was finally introduced around 1969 and the first "customer" nodes were attached to the network soon thereafter. The concept of routing protocols and redundancy was also addressed during this period. By the early 70s, many top universities in the US were connected and the first international connection was completed in or around 1973 to the UCL (University College, London)... Again, it seems you are under another common misapprehension. This time you're stating that civilian interaction with ARPANET was them basically creating the World Wide Web on top of ARPANET and conflating the WWW with the internet, when in fact the first civilian interactions were 20 years prior, in 1969 or thereabouts and used to share proto-emails, later file transfer and still later, just before the WWW, concepts like FTP and Gopher. So, it's a stretch to say that war created the internet when it was basically created by universities and private institutes, to all intents and purposes. It's like saying that the first car was actually a horse drawn carriage... Which, to an extent is true... I guess... This is somewhat different to NASA, which was very active during the Cold War and was a centrally, coldwar focused body of research. NASA's many projects were indeed focussed on military prowess and technical prowess in general and surely wouldn't have succeeded to the extent they did without the competition from the USSR. But, see, that is as I mentioned in a previous post: Competition. Which is healthy.. Neither the US nor the USSR engaged in actual direct war... nuclear or otherwise. And after the collapse of the USSR and until Putin, relations with East Europe had been fairly stable. I'll give you ENIAC, though, which was designed for ballistic calculations and later used for simulating nuclear weapons... But that wasn't really a generally programmable device in the modern sense because it required massive rewiring for each problem... Real computers were developed separately, after the war once regular business resumed and things calmed down. Truly programmable computers with punch cards and optical tape were invented that, while not as fast as ENIAC were actually useful for general purpose tasks... Again, a rather separate branch with separate purposes. ENIAC was more like an FPGA than a "real" computer, in that it could only solve a single problem at a time and it was more like an uncle than a father to modern computing in that respect. I could go on, since this is the sort of stuff I wrote a dissertation on at the end of the 90s.
  7. Super awesome man. Will definitely stop by and check it out when I have a chance.
  8. There are a number of people on these forums who are Anti-fun. Like the poster Graxxor above too. They get angry when they see other people having fun in a video game.
  9. If they blocked screen scripts, people would just make cheesy "ASCII" art with voxels.
  10. Without going into too much detail... the .23 patch is poison for the game and needs a serious redo to make this game fun. The current game is dying and while a handful of people only enjoy the markets or industry... more people play the game to PVP and really... there's no reason to even play. After yesterday's PVP event everyone on both sides of the field felt like the couple hours we spent killing each other was totally pointless and unfulfilling. The money is in PVP and if NQ doesn't do something to revert or change .23 to be less restrictive and make PVP more fullfilling and fun then this game will die... NQ devs don't even play their own game because they either hate sandbox games or already find this game to be extremely boring. More suggestions: Discovery/ Market: Schematics were probably the worst direction to take for the game. The redo would be to allow players to create their own schematics for their own custom made elements that would feature totally unique stats. Discovery/Salvage: Make the NQ built elements (from T1 - T5) the standard and then allow player's creativity to spur immersive gameplay by creating their own schematics. PVP: Remove the perma-destruction restore counter and replace it with Element efficiency mechanics where the elements performance & efficiency is based on the elements health. Each time the element is restored to full health it will lose 10% max performance and efficiency PVP/Salvage: Allow people to use parts required to make the element to restore the element's efficiency & performance Voxel/Design: Redo the textures on panel and painted voxel... because right now.. it's pure $#!7 PVP/Discovery: Asteroids... Asteroids everywhere with GOOD ORE DEPOSITES that are PVPable PVP/Discovery: DEEP SPACE SCANNING so we can actually discover stuff in space PVP: Interdiction for warpping ships PVP: Harpoons and Tractor beams PVP: We desperately need 1st person shooter AvA... and Not lock and fire otherwise you're going to completely lose the community. People will log on to see what NQ has done for AvA but when they find out it's lock and fire they're going to insta-uninstall the game. So you'll experience a spike in activity and an instant loss in subscriptions because people will change their credit card numbers because there's no easy way to unsubscribe from this game. Market: The Market bots were removed a bit too soon or the execution of their removal was not carried out well. The mass exodus of the bots created a vacuum the community wasn't 100% ready to fill. Reintroducing them in a small amount was a good way to walk back some of the extreme approaches done to the game. Just for those who don't see it, this is not good at all.
  11. ^^This!!! It needs to be the OP of another thread. So, so true. The problem is that planets are 10% of real size, meaning only 1% surface area and 0.1% of the volume... (That's 1/1000th of the volume for those who struggle with percentages 😉 ) And mining speed is so, so fast (>200L per second per person). Let's call it 10x realistic... These two multipliers mean that we are hollowing out the planets far more rapidly than in real life. By this scale, 200 players mining in a single org is equivalent to 2,000,000 miners on earth, all with advanced, quantum, material-beaming mining equipment.... With a single org able to entirely map a planet out in a couple of days with TSs, you just know it's going to end badly. But JC, as a fellow PhD, should have calculated that trivial fact as easily as I did... or even easier since he didn't have to reverse calculate a load of figures... Heck I said before the "beta" dropped that even if we reset the planets, at the rate we were mining pre-beta we will have removed all the >T2 mats within a year and people scoffed at me, telling me I didn't understand how big the planets were... I said if extra players joined the "beta" and the largest orgs coordinated they could basically rape all the planets of >T2 mats within 3 months... Strange how simple mathematical and statistical calculations actually work... Also strange that JC didn't figure that one out. Here we are just over 3 months after "release" of the "beta" and even though most of the players appear to have quit, all the meganodes and anything T3 and above is Swiss cheese.
  12. I wonder if its possible to use like one of those raiding scripts that is for like damge parsing and convert it for ore. Not sure what to run the script off of. But seeing the other scripts that are out there its not nearly as malicious as market bots.
  13. As it does in mine... and in mathematics. Your second "or" is apparently right according to this below. Seems that it was an intentional balancing leading to JC wanting to deliver more content... I mean wanting to slow down the fastest players. Yes... Those were the two skills that I presented and it is obvious how they work... Just like how +5% ore extracted means plus five percent ore extracted. But how do you THEN say that +5% ore per level equates to speed? How does your curious interpretation of the skill's meaning mesh with the two skills you yourself defined identically to how they actually work, given the tweet from NQ. This is just so wrong I can't even... You even literally used 1+5/100 in the next part of your calculation.. i.e. +5% We do not know if it really is a compound multiplier or a linear multiplier, leading to two different answers. compound 1 * 1.05*1.05*1.05*1.05*1.05 = (1.05)^5 = 1.276 linear: 1 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 = 1.25 but given that things like container capacity bonuses, fuel tank capacity bonuses, weight reduction, thrust bonuses etc are all linear and not compound, I'd go with the latter. Heck, as mentioned by someone in the thread, it could even start from 75% of the max extraction at L0 and go from 80% at L1, 85%, 90%, 95%, to 100% (full extraction) at L5. This would lead to relatively larger percentage increases of 85/80 (6.25%) for L1... 90/85 (5.88%) etc... It would be nice to actually get OFFICIAL information in the OFFICIAL forum and not have to trawl through the morass of umbrage that is Twitter, like US citizens used to have to do to find official information until last week.
  14. They could likely disable screen scripts while in the market. NQ should really put up a bunch of billboards for rent. You want to advertise you put the money in for how long and it goes into a que by who is waiting. There should be something like 100 billboards for reent at the districts or outside the parking zones in the grassy areas. Sounds fair to cut down on the cores and the rest of it. Just image money and length of time put into a que. Where every market has advertising. Charge like 1mil credits per week. If its paid and run through NQ they should enable gifs or other simple animations. If people dont like your ad there should be a report feature. Not 10 votes and gone if people dont like you for having an ad. But a legit person checking the ads if reported and using common sense.
  15. Disclaimer: I know that MMOs are ones where everything is requiring constant balancing however, this is to point out an overwhelmingly obvious imbalance in the game that needs to be addressed soonish. After taking some hours to review some of the voxel I noticed something very problematic. T-5 Voxel overall, is not worth even bothering to use on ships. (Side Note) As far as design is goes, The only Textures that are easy to use for looks are: Gold Panel/Painted Niobium Painted/Panel Manganese Panel/Painted Now back to the Voxel HP It's understandable that the supposed market that NQ would want players to create would be created based on items made, the time it takes the make them, the ore required to make them and how long it took to get and refine said ore. However, when it comes to PVP or even the PvE aspect of the game voxels are horribly imbalanced and totally useless to even sell on the market. I'll first dive into the PVP aspect of Voxel's HP, Resistances, Rough estimated time to mine raw ore. Time to refine ore into Pure. For PVP: Voxel HP and the issues that currently exist After running the numbers I've found that basically all T5 voxel (pures AND products) are just about the worst thing you can chase after for ship defense. I'll start by breaking down a T3 Voxel (Silver) and a T2 Voxel Copper and compare it to Manganese and Vanadium (Both T-5 voxels): HP against the different damage: Silver (T-3 Voxel) Manganese (T-5 Voxel) Vanadium (T-5 Voxel) Copper (T-2 Voxel) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) 6713 * 0.25 = 1678.25 4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2 3840 * 0.35 = 1344 5734 * 0.20 = 1146.8 1678.25 + 6713 = 8391.25 1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2 1344 + 3840 = 5184 1146.8 + 5734 = 6880.8 8391.25 HP against AM dmg. 5998.2 HP against AM dmg. 5184 HP against AM dmg. 6880.8 HP against AM dmg. (EM Res) (EM Res) (EM Res) (EM Res) 6713 * 0.15 = 1006.95 4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2 3840 * 0.25 = 960 5734 * 0.1 = 573.4 1006.95 + 6713 = 7719.95 1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2 960 + 3840 = 4800 573.4 + 5734 = 6307.4 7719.95 HP against EM dmg. 5998.2 HP against EM dmg. 4800 HP against AM dmg. 6307.4 HP against EM dmg. (Kinetic) (Kinetic) (Kinetic) (Kinetic) 6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6 4614.00 * 0.35 = 1614.9 3840 * 0.30 =1152 5734 * 0.15 = 860.1 1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6 1614.9 + 4614 = 6228.8 1152 + 3840 = 4992 860.1 +5734 = 6594.1 8055.6 HP against Kinetic dmg 6228.9 HP against Kinetic dmg 4992 HP against AM dmg. 6594.1 HP against Kinetic dmg (Thermic) (Thermic) (Thermic) (Thermic) 6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6 4614.00 * 0.25 = 1153.5 3840 * 0.30 =1152 5734 * 0.15 = 860.1 1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6 1153.5 + 4614 = 5767.5 1152 + 3840 = 4992 860.1 +5734 = 6594.1 8055.6 HP against Thermic dmg. 5767.5 HP against Thermic dmg. 4992 HP against AM dmg. 6594.1 HP against Thermic dmg. Silver (T-3 Voxel) Manganese (T-5 Voxel) Vanadium (T-5 Voxel) Copper (T-2 Voxel) (AM Res.) 8391.25 HP 5998.2 HP 5184 HP 6880.8 HP (EM Res) 7719.95 HP 5998.2 HP 4800 HP 6307.4 HP (Kinetic) 8055.6 HP 6228.9 HP 4992 HP 6594.1 HP (Thermic) 8055.6 HP 5767.5 HP 4992 HP 6594.1 HP Arguements against this: Well the HP is based on weight per cubic meter Response: Yes, however the weight is totally negated and barely even a factor when you have the T2 - T3 engines, the Talents for those engines for placement, AND for usage AND for weight reduction. So overall, HP based on weight per cubic meter is negligible. ESPECIALLY when it comes to PvP Well there's other uses for T-5 voxels Yes and no, T-5 Voxel being used for armor is a pointless journey to embark on since The Textures are extremely difficult to find a use/flow for other designs. (believe me, I tried for days) The HP to weight, EVEN FOR ATMO PVP is negligible when considering the talents (placements and handling) and the higher teir engines The only true use for T5 ore is for either Scrap or crafting. Use for voxel is pointless since Gold, Silver and even COPPER are better than a T-5 voxel. WHY IS THERE EVEN A T-5 VOXEL IF IT'S WORSE TO USE THAN ANY OF THE OTHER ONES?!?!?! In terms of ATMO PvP? I'd just use Silver or Copper because T-5 is just that bad from start to finish. Other use for it is to recycle it into scrap... which begs the question why it was turned into voxel in the first place... Well there is a market for T-5 Yes, barely and only for pointed and specific crafting approaches, because you'll never see T-5 voxel sold on the market when it offers ZERO value for anyone. Also, The amount of time it takes to mine up the T-5 and refine it makes deciding to NOT create T-5 voxel a much easier choice since it's totally useless. Even the new product Voxel offers less than most of the T2 voxels and even some T1 voxel. T-5 Voxel for PVE (Markets): There not much to be said on the PvE side of the game for T-5 voxels. Because if T-5 voxel is useless to PvPers then why would a PvEer bother trying to sell something no one will buy when they could make ten or hundreds of thousands of quanta for T2 - T4 voxel? Conclusion: T-5 Voxel is pointless and begs the question of why it even exists since T-2 voxel is better than T-5 for both Space and Atmo armor especially when you consider the following points against making T-5 voxel: Average time required to Scan, find, mine, refine, craft design the voxel/ship Textures of the Painted and Panel (minus the Manganese and Niobium and Gold) voxel for nearly all of them are just horrific The resistances or HP for All T-5 do not justify even thinking of crafting the Voxel for PvP usage. Again, timing to make T-5 voxel is not justifiable Again, the Textures of Voxel's Painted and Panel Voxel are extremely difficult to use. The pattern voxel approach should've been reused in terms of the next set of designs. Ways to Correct: Increase the Resistance for T-5 voxel so that it MAKES SENSE to decide if chasing T-5 voxel is worth chasing after. Reduce the time it takes to create T-5 voxel or increase the time it takes to make T2, T3 voxel since T-2, T3 and T4 voxel are ALL better than T5 lol (Even I'm not too sure about this one, but total time to make doesn't justify how useless it is) Review the painted and panel textures added into the game and attempt to mirror the approach used for the Pattern Voxel. (If you claim T-5 anything is supposed to be the best for most things then why does it look so crappy? if it had better or worse stats wouldn't you at least want it to look nice??)
  16. I think the problem is, if NQ was to ban advertising clutter at the markets, how do they automate the process of deciding what's a ship, parked at the market, and what's unnecessary clutter? Without an actual human making a judgment call for each and every core, how do you tell the difference between a bunch of dynamic cores covered in voxels and screens and elements? People build some weird looking ships. If they were to make a general rule against over-the-top advertising, even if they barely enforced it, it might at least encourage people to be less annoying. They could put out some kind of guidelines for advertising, maybe steer people towards placing Ads in specific areas. I like the idea of advertising at the markets, i just want the markets to look cool, not like Second Life threw up on them...
  17. If you dont see that orgs are breaking this game in every aspect of the game I dont know what to tell you. They need limits. Thats all there is to it in order to create any form of balance or its game over in like 5-10 months if things dont improve. Believe it or not idc. Hey it used to be 15 friends at one point. Trying to build an org but people quit the game quite frequently. All im saying is my perspective. It doesnt matter if im 3 or 300 the scale and quotas of the machine scale to what you can produce. Its the only frame of refrence I have and judging by the demands im supposed to have a bare minimum of 10-25 people. We roll with the punches like everyone else. /shrug
  18. You can't hard cap orgs, sorry just no practical way to do so. Power / Influence consolidates and none of your suggestions to try and limit orgs would have any effect at all. Hard cap on how many items an org can list? You realize orgs don't list items in the first place, and if there are hundreds of org members they can all just list the items individually. Most orgs exist outside the game anyway as org tools in game are garbage. These groups on discord are not going to be 'chopped' up by any limits you dream up in game in any practical sense. The more you try that stunt the more you will consolidate power even moreso into outside the game guilds that no one can compete with because 20 different orgs in game are really just the same group out of game. There are not systemic flaws in the game vision. There are systemic flaws in your assumption that there needs to be some sort of balance to limit the power of the many against the few. Sorry , thats not the way the world works. If you had any idea the amount of 'work' involved in coordinating a good sized org in this game in the first place you might have more respect for how much effort those players have to put in just to steer that many players in the same general direction , manage permissions, manage this , manage that. The bigger your org the more 'work' the game becomes as is. You do not need some artificial attempt to neuter large orgs in game they carry plenty of weight the bigger they get on their own. You will never 'catch up' to long standing groups that have been playing longer so long as those groups continue to operate and grow over time. Some will , some will collapse into smaller pieces because of their own bloat, and some will just wither and disappear due to bad management or personality conflicts that can't be resolved. This mentality that "me and my 3 buddies should have the same level playing field with a 500 person org" is frankly grades school nonsense about not understanding life isn't always fair.
  19. The core is on top but the building area can go inside the market.
  20. Warp is space/time gravity is the metal core of a planet resonating a solid or liquid core with the frequency of the sun that creates a magnetic field or magnetosphere that is pretty much magnetic gravitational waves that make quarks, neutronos, and the higs boson do what they do. Its pretty much all magnetic which is why gravity only works so far out from a moon or planet that itself is captured by the suns own magnetic field. Since the magnetic poles on our sun flip every 11 years in polarity it always keeps causing a reaction through the radioactive particles flowing through the planet and stimulating a magnetic reaction to the metal core of the planet. I dont know about you but I cant lift my house with a kitchen magnet. It does not have to make sense it just has to defy gravity and account for weight to Pulsars (I call them gravpads my bad). Bigger the antigrav the more pulsars it should take is all I am saying. If its to remain free at least give us some kind of parts cree with grades and sizes like everything else. It does not actually have to cost anything but there is little wiggle room if you only need a tiny amount to lift an insane amount of weight. With more speed you can rationalize the amount of trips if its based on scale or grade and some talents and putdowns. Or make them face upwards so they dont interfere with hoverpads and it wont be that bad.
  21. well, no its not -5%-5%-%5-%5-%5 its X/1.05^5
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  23. Join BOO today and you too can join in the shitposting.
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