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  2. Adding people to contacts is fun and nice until you realize they can permanently find you. That's... yanno... gonna be troublesome eventually. I don't know your plans for this feature but my recommendation is adding a menu for finding and locking players in a sort-of social tab, but only players you have permission to lock via the RDMS system.
  3. Last week
  4. Zenith Corporation is actively recruiting players Discord: https://discord.gg/6e3CWtP Community: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/3384/ Zenith Corporation was Founded for YOU Zenith is a rapidly growing community of friendly and skilled Dual Universe players. We believe that teamwork and leadership are absolutely essential to a good community. Based on this, our goal is to be excellent and efficient at everything we do while providing an innovative environment for teamwork and individualism to thrive. We see the value in everyone, and we are devoted to providing for and strengthening the skills and goals of each and every member. Zenith leaders are devoted to the group and the individual equally. Designed for Efficiency A good government is essential to the success of an organized group, and Zenith is no different. The ZC government will combine all of the best aspects of government into one clear and concise formula: A system that is expandable, seamless, quick, efficient, and most of all, best for everyone. For more information on the Zenith government, see the Community Link above. What's in it for you? Zenith members who climb the ranks enjoy a friendly and active community, access to one of the largest automated industries, unique and rare blueprints, access to scripts, strength in numbers, voxelmancy, Arch Confederacy membership, active Discord for DU, and in game training just to name a few. Members are free to blaze their own path and they will be supported as long as their proposed actions don't have devastating diplomatic effect on the group as a whole. Members may leave the group at any time for any reason on good terms. Joining is completely free. Interested? Zenith is always looking for new members who are interested in blazing their paths with us. We would love to enjoy Dual Universe with you! If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact a leader or member in game or through Discord. If you would like to join the organization, please speak to a leader and check us out in game through the organizations tab. We are excited to serve you! ~ [ZC] Virtual#4995 automat0n#0964 ~
  5. In a time when people are trying to make orgs, the same thing from eve rings true "the orgs that say they do everything end up good at nothing". Come specialize in making money from salvaging downed craft. The garage man can! Garbage business has proven to always be recession proof. One mans failed and wrecked speeder is another mans payday!
  6. Since this we have moved up to page two in the organization registry with an active player base ^^
  7. Na hoffentlich! Wir suchen noch immer nette Mitspieler. Meldet euch einfach im Discord, wir freuen uns auf euch!
  8. Hey MrHoot, I'm based in Australia, just got the alpha we could potentially start / build the local organisation! I'm fresh to the game so give me some weeks, but keen to play with other locals.
  9. Gerofied


    Hey Massacher, I'm in Australia as well, got the game to for alpha. Send me a message if you ever want to play.
  10. When I go mining, tier 1 veins are generally close to the surface and there's only so many per hex. If I mine down for two hours and end up at -10km, there's absolutely no ores. Well what if there were layers to ores. Now I understand the issues of purely random generation. It's why ore depths are averaged out between their limits. 19-470? average depth of 240. But what if you take that range, and add another one just like it at 1247-1622? And 3534-4011? As well, have a slight increase (talking at most 100% 50km down) that increases vein size the deeper you get. Once resurrection nodes make you lose stuff and you can't just force respawn all the time, it will reward those who haul everything back to the surface. As well it would allow for more ore, which will be necessary as beta comes and player count skyrockets.
  11. Once you reach 2000kmph, you receive an aesthetic visual affect similar to the warping affect in star trek, where little lights fly by. But if you have a ship you can walk around in, those things end up INSIDE your SHIP and it's aNNOYING. They should work like light rays so that they are impeded by voxels or elements.
  12. I believe they explicitly said mining will never be done via ships because then it can be automated and just become a scripting contest.
  13. Please try the link above, your account shows access so you should be able to download from your profile to get started.
  14. It shows you do have access, did this change since you posted this? You should see Alpha NDA section in blue if so.
  15. Did you subscribe using a discount code? I'm just trying to figure out what happened here for you. I verified the notes in your last ticket, and don't want to post there here for your privacy. You can PM me if you need. Let's get you sorted out
  16. Fresh inverview with @ZarTaen from Hyperion, shipbuilding, science, experiments, organizational things and good news, that some good news, that your boots, clothing and hover-cycles in reletive safety 😉 https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle/post/zartaen-hyperion
  17. Can you login here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/login
  18. Here is my advice after trying to buy and install this game 15 days ago. You card will be charged $60 and you'll never be able to access the download the game let alone access your account due to bugs. Don't worry tho the charge of $60 will work flawlessly. Just play star citizen...
  19. Its been 15 days... still can't access my account. Support claims I need to repurchase but my credit card clearly states I purchased the game earlier for $60. The last thing I am going to do is buy the game AGAIN.
  20. my heart is literally pounding right now.... diving deep into this lore and still havent hit bottom .... this is insane.
  21. Want for choice indicates a simple mind. Idleness is the ignorance of capability. With so many options, why not aim for the best of both worlds? Uncover what's within you. That's what Trust is; Potential. [OPEN] Required stock vector attribution: <a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/water">Water vector created by alvaro_cabrera - www.freepik.com</a>
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