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  3. In my humble opinion we will need to have pharmaceutical industry in this DU game the benefits will be huge mostly becose of the PvP-ers will be in a constant need for mediPens and other medicines. This is just a rushly made example what I made (sorry its nothing cool or fancy but is a representation in a simple form the benefits of the pharmaceutical Industry in DU game). Edit/ And whit all this we will need also Hydroponic systems on a large scale to back up the Pharmaceutical Industry so huge benefits from this branches in the game. I know that out there will be lots of players who will enjoy in the farming aspect of the game and that they will be able to earn a great amount of Quantas from all this! ! (To all triggered persons out there Yes, I know my english grammar is far from good but Iam here becose I game not grammar)
  4. UnderhandAerial

    Last Post Wins

    38 pages.. amazing
  5. CommanderClark96

    3D Modeling and Ship Planning

    Welcome to Dual Universe, I sent you a message and I look forward to seeing your work and flying/playing with you in the future!
  6. Orion Naval Space Command is Recruiting, Message me for more Information!

  7. Hello! I am hoping somebody can enlighten me on how upgrading from Contributor to either Sponsor or Patron work? Hopefully NQ Staff. So I purchased he Patron pack at first and XSOLLA immediately returned my money and told me to contact my bank, cool; whatever. I do that and after some back and forth I get it working and I purchase the Contributor pack thinking I can easily upgrade to Patron once I get some hours in. I quickly did so and overlooked the Alpha 2 access, not Alpha 1. ANYWAYS: I try to upgrade through the account section and it routes me to the Pledge URL. I try and purchase the Sponsor pack thinking it will deduct the $60 I've already spent on Contributor, it does not. It also denies the transaction. (Of course) So I try to purchase the Contributor again to make my contribution a total $120, thinking that may be the way to do it? Wrong, same thing as Sponsor pack. I have submitted a ticket, but oh my gawd do I want to play this game. So I do apologize for my impatience here. Again, if anyone knows the correct way to go about the upgrade of Pledge I would love to know. ~Tarwanis
  8. Hello fellow Noveans. I'm usually not very active in terms of forums, but I wanted to stop in real quick. I hail from the Parallel Kingdom, From the lands of Get Off My Lawn. I was a True Neutral ruler there, Never involving myself in the conflicts of others, but always happy to assist in the war effort with supplies, Or, for the weary and tired, looking for a break from constant conflict, my land a safe haven for all. I look forward to meeting you all, somewhere someday. Hopefully under good circumstances, but we all know stuff happens. Anyway, i just wanted to stop by, introduce myself, and say hello. Fare Thee Well Your Friendly Neighborhood Spruce :)
  9. RogaineFoam

    3D Modeling and Ship Planning

    I go by Rogainefoam, and I have been following this game for quite a while. I am not tied to any organizations, nor do I have access to the game yet. However, as a mechanical engineer, I have access to great 3D modeling programs where I could turn an organization's concept art for ships and buildings into actual 3D models that shipbuilders could use as references. I'm very interested in this game, and I'd like to get in with an organization even though I am not playing yet. I'll definitely be getting this game in the Beta or full release!
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  11. unown006


    Time to TEST!
  12. unown006


    Come look
  13. unown006

    Who is Uelbee

    Hi Interesting skillset
  14. unown006

    Hello I am

    I hope so
  15. unown006

    Beep boop - Am robot*

  16. unown006

    I guess I'm introducing myself

    Hello welcome to the Future
  17. Yesterday
  18. you would consider my CPU old, it is an i7 2700k Sandybridge 4 cores (8 Hyperthreads) yet this does have AVX (ive OC;d it to 4.6Ghz) This is cpu is old and runs DU
  19. Joke81

    Hello I am

    Joke81 a real person from Denmark. Awesome game hope I get to play more
  20. Uelb

    Who is Uelbee

    Hey, Just introducing myself, new french player, senior developer irl :D. Cheers.


  22. 0something0

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    DU is ancapistan confirmed?
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