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    He put it in his interests as well though.
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    probably a discord auth for a different bot
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    What's the point of this post?
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  11. Oh yeah, that's what I meant, as you say, definitely you can't put a mechanic for that type of thing, was just curious of what people think of the concept.
  12. If ppl want to fly only certain ships die to immersion they will just do it. No one will join that org anyway if he doesn't agree to that. So there's no need to implement a hard mechanic for that imho. I don't care what I fly as long as it outperforms similar ships
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  14. Hi guys, I was wondering, what do you think of the idea for an Organization to restrict you from flying your own ship, instead you can buy different ship designs from them and then customize it slightly. Obviously, this cannot be applied to everyone, however I think using similar ship 'theme' so to say will bring a lot of immersion into the game. I guess it depends on how you look at it, players are free to design anything they want, even if it's totally out of line with a Space game, which at least for me hurts the immersion part. I am curious to see what do you guys think of flying wooden ships, submarines or anything ugly/out of theme for that matter. Do you think it's creative and cool or it ruins the experience?
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  19. Hi I am Geth! Been playing for a while and now Discord here I come.
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  23. Hi @freemangl and welcome. For refund requests, I suggest you to ask directly to the support at https://support.dualthegame.com/ ;). ~ Merwyn
  24. Heya everyone, Patbreaker here =D Played the game for a bit and loving it so far so taking it to the next level. Discord here we come! It's been far too long since there was a good space building game!
  25. Dear devs, I'm from China. I am not sure that my network conditions can support the game run smoothly or without lag. My ping to EU server is around 500ms, to US server is around 400ms, to AU server is around 300ms. Can I get refund if I can't run smoothly after purchasing the game? Looking for you reply!
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    'sup o/

    Here I am Do fear me not Please approve Me not a bot -Skooma, 2k19
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