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SilverLight Industries {Now Hiring}

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I checked the thread and didn't notice whether we had posted our new logo, so here it is.  I would like to take this opportunity to mention that for the 3rd quarter of 2019, SLI retail sales have exceeded 5 million quanta for finished elements and 3 million quanta for ore, and our contract sales are in excess of 6 million quanta for finished elements and honeycomb, including volume discounts. We look forward to an even bigger fourth quarter and are interested in direct hires for miners, pilots and production engineers, as well as developing our business relationships with independent and organizational suppliers and customers. Good luck, and happy DUings!


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So, I know nothing about this game and am actually going to get the Beta to start learning. I saw what this Guild stands for, and I am very interested because of the PvE focus. I would love to be part of this organization, but I do not know what I can contribute to yet. Would you still accept me?


Thank you so much for your response and consideration. 

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