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Please make an interface for player-generated quests

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Hi everyone,


I think the core factor of stimulating emergent and server-scale gameplay is putting accesibility, transparency and a good user interface into player-interaction throughout the game.

In the kickstarter video the developers talked about the emergent gameplay mechanics of the game such as quests that come from big projects such as creating a Death Star.

I think there should be very clear pre-made tags and pathways for setting up a quest like "shipping resources" for players and when it is rendered as completed. This way it feels like relevant and important work and not just doing someones dirty work.


There can be options for different kinds of quest types that the player can set up and post vacancies about.

For example: Setting up an assassination-type quest;


Option 1 (choose between the quest types) : Assassination


Option 2 (choose the reward invested into it by the player) : 10 DAC 


Option 3 (choose specifics of the quests) : Specifications of assassination quests have to include the marked player name I suppose. The specification options change depending on which quest type is chosen.


Option 5 (additional info message): The quest text that maybe describes the importance of it and if potential bonus DAC can be earned (if a message is placed on the mark after the assassination for example.).


There you go, simple as that. This would allow big organisations to quickly cover all jobs required for projects which makes them easier to manage as to promote server-scale gameplay a little bit.


So let me know what you guys think.

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Something along these lines would be easy to create in-game by a player using LUA. The only problem is we don't yet know what type of input/display elements will be included in the game to make this possible.


I'd rather create it in-game and have full control of the system rather than the devs creating it and limiting me as to what I can do with it.

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