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In Pvp and Pve and everything in between, players find interesting ways to win, gain an advantage, or prevent their loss in an impending demise.

This concept is an attempt to bridge many styles into a coherent method.

Simply : When you click logout and are flagged in combat, you logout, but your body remains in the game.


functionality, people might be able to move your body into a jail cell. People could steal your non cosmetic clothes - Armor and Weapons. Hack into your Calabai-Yau Space Nano Pack and take your 50 bananas.


When you log back in, and -wake up-. You find you have been put in a jail cell and are wearing inmate clothes.

You could always suicide, with your nanoformer thats built into your body's cellular structure. Or you can negotiate with your captors.


Maybe they have a robot, or a terminal where its all set up to let you go, if you accept the demand to pay them 100,000 credits. and they give your stuff back.

Maybe theyre just bad pirates and stole your stuff and wanna see you go crazy, and or kill self.


For PVE, when you are fist fighting a bear, and you suddenly disconect. Your body goes limp, you are still in combat though. The bear might kill you. Or, it could even be coded so when a player is in blackout state, the bear loses interest and walks away. This would need some testing or check though to prevent abuse. Like if Bear is at 80% health or more, it will, drop combat with player and move away from them. If at less than 80% it will stay in combat until you are dead, or a certain distance away. Your friends could drag your body away from combat?


On ships, this gives you a chance to log back in, in the same spot and not far away on a resurrection node - or something else.

It could even tie into a medical profession ?? skills to keep blackout patients in combat or alive longer?


In general, player bodies shouldn't be persistent things. or we might end up with piles of player bodies, and mass graves or something crazy.

Players could keep other players, bodies in game. By keeping them in combat. A stun gun turret or something, shooting them every few minutes, in the jail cell. Or, Mad scientist Doctors keeping them on some kind of life support


I pose this idea half based on the quantum immortality, pretty much we are interfacing heavily from our dimension, with the Dual Universe Dimension. Even if the characters die, we their consciousness are still alive. When we go to log back in and force an argument with the dimension of Dual Universe that we are alive. Its forced to create us if we died. Its a little blurry on when you aren't dead though.

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I agree keeping a character that is flagged as "in combat" spawned in game and limp even when the player has logged out is essential in this kind of game.  The body and vehicle the the body is in remain in game until their timer runs down and during that time they can be killed by the enemy.


Jails and the ability to keep another player captive is an interesting concept.  Captors could try to extort money, or they could have deeper motives: information, vehicles/building designs, tags/functions, or even getting a legate to vote a certain way.  Most of the time the captive player will commit suicide, but if the captors plan carefully at a time when death would be more costly than complying, it could work.  I think I like it.


On dead player bodies, some players might like to keep them as trophies (not me, honest...), but yes, if a body is left alone it should definitely despawn after a few minutes.  Massive graveyards commemorating huge battles might be cool... until the next empire comes along and builds a metropolis on it.


Sorry if this isn't entirely on topic but you brought up some cool talking points.

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As long as I can have stealth tech on my pirate/smuggler/bountyhunter spaceship, I am good. I think the idea of having the toon still exist in game when logged out can be a fun one, but a player should also be allowed to rest in a safe haven or neutral zone or something. If the player makes the effort to ensure they log back in with their goods, they should be allowed to keep it.

I think in a world of hard core gaming, perma death or losing good when logged out is fine but in todays game environment there has to be a balance to cater to hard core and casuals. 

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Ah thank you Kiklix.


Yes I should have stated more clearly,

Most of the time you will only carry things you need. and leave your super valuables in your home or storage somewhere.


When you die and respawn you might lose some of your stuff. that may be destroyed, or left on the ground for other people to take. Not sure what the devs have in mind.

You could also potentially kill yourself, and then log out, to prevent unexpected loss.


I propose this though because, if you try and be sneaky and are in PVP fighting, but just hit logout to try and avoid any penalty. your body goes limp, and you might lose more than you expect, or even everything you had on your character. Your other items stored elsewhere are safe, and so is all the money in your virtual bank. Or if you randomly disconnect. If your friends know you have a cat that pulls your Ethernet cable out alot, they might train up the Resuscitation ability in order to keep your in game Comatose body alive for a while longer so that you will log back in on the flight deck of the ship, instead of 50 light-years away at the arkship resurection node. there were other 'exploitable' ideas though i threw in.


It could have alternative function, if say they put stun weapons in game, you might even get captured by your enemies if your team loses or you get caught out. its a integrated mechanic but not specifically related to Blackout, that kicks in if you randomly DC, or push Logout while in combat.

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