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Concept : NanoMaid (Pet / Companion)

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NanoMaid, your very own customizable sidekick!


Change her outfit, change the color of her lights. Whats your NanoMaid like?

Does she wear a frilly headpiece? Or maybe a cat ear headband?

Dont like that sad blue? Change her glowing eyes to red or green!


NanoMaid comes prepacked with a Sweet'nSassy personality. She wont help do anything but she can give you emotional support!

"Your inventory is a mess, clean it up, you lowlife!"

"Trash like you is lucky to have me, after all, I'm your' only friend."

"You forgot to loot... its not like I want you to dummy!"

"Are we going exploring? I love exploring with you."


NanoMaid, she's tiny and adorable, she will follow you anywhere and help you clean up your' life !


-Please use as directed, keep away from children under 5, Do not try and stick 'objects' into your nanomaid, If your nanomaid begins to mumble about world domination please contact the rogue AI hotline immediately.-



 Photo : http://www.kidsomania.com/photos/Cool-Toy-for-Girls-who-Like-Robots-Dorosseru-by-Bandai-3-524x698.jpg

 credit to website photo is from : http://www.kidsomania.com/cool-toy-for-girls-who-like-robots-dorosseru-by-bandai/

Animated series this is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireball_%28anime%29#Fireball_Charming


I haven't seen this but perhaps I will give it a watching, though I have no idea what its about, I just happened to think the character could help formulate inspiration to the concept.

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Wow. Well...isn't that something :) . I'm sure by the time the game is well underway a whole multitude of droids and robots will have been born. Maybe even astromechs and assassin droids. Which might be interesting...PvD. Hmm. But yes if droids could talk and make remarks that would add a bit of humor to the game.

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Hehe, that Nano name reminds me pet/creature from STO




It is such an ugly thing...


~ Edit: I forgot to mention that purple alien thing is called a "Nanov" hence why the NanoMaid reminded me of it.


Maybe someone can start a concept/idea thread on the "Making of pets?" put some chemicals together and walla you have a pet...


for the NanoMaid, im digging the line especially the: "Trash like you is lucky to have me, after all, I'm your' only friend.", that just had laughing...


I do have one question for the OP...


Does the NanoMaid come in easy payments of $99.99/month for 12 months?

And If I order one in the next few mins will I get a 2nd one completely free for a friend?

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