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Underground Mining

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I made a cave under a mountain and placed a miner inside just for the heck of it. To see what would happen.


When I calibrate I do not get any skittles on the ground.

So, after a couple of cycles, I thought I would check, and sure enough, the skittles are on top of the mountain.


A picture would have been nice.  Maybe next time.

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If you've built a structure just under the surface the skittles appear both onto and under the small lip of ground above the building. The only way I found to stop this is to make a hole above the mining units.

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Though I have discovered if you place a static core building over two tiles and setup mining units on the tile not considered to be the tile with the structure your ore skittles will move to the closest point on the tile the structure is considered to be apart of, instead of where you mining units are located.


This could be used to have a cave on one tile where you place your mining units but the structure used is actually part of the tile next door and if that is where the entrance to the cave is located, then the skittles would spawn there.


I've not tried this part but it should work.

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