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Hacking the system of a ship or building could be another component in combat. Say during space combat that you hijack the opponent ship's shield system, rendering them completely vulnerable, but that the same could also happen to you. It could either become a powerful asset or pitfall and add to the realistic aspects of the game, as cybersecurity and cybercrime are a very real problem in our world today.


The question would be the format in which the hacking would take place. Would it be in an actual programming language (possibly LUA?), or in a fictional, simplified code, or perhaps it would be unique to that particular system.

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Hi Astrophil90,


Hacking as a game mechanic is definitely planned. But it won't be before the official release of the game (don't expect it in Alpha or Beta versions of the game).

The Hacking will be a game mechanic where skills learnt by the character will play a big role. This won't be a "real hack" by using a script language. LUA will be used to script a lot of elements ingame, and provide basic AI in some ways. But it won't be related to the "Hacking" gameplay.


I hope this answer you question :)




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