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[Tools] Online Item Database / Planetary Calculator


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Hello there, Noveans!


Today I'd like to present you with two online tools (possibly more coming soon) I've been recently working on, that aim to make the Dual Universe life easier!


Item Database Explorer

Link: https://dual.wolfe.science/tools/item-database-explorer

An online database containing useful information related to DU items and their recipes.

It has a search bar where you can search for any item or resource, and by selecting one from the list you can see the following set of information:

  • Basic  data such as ID, category, tier, volume, mass and density;
  • All available crafting recipes for that item, including when it is a by-product of something else;
  • All recipes that use that item as an ingredient;
  • All honeycomb types that can be produced using it;
  • All resources, parts and items where that resource is required as part of the chain (except when it's part of a Catalyst);


As a starting example, you can check out Pure Iron and see how many parts and items use it :)


There's also a new section in the works that will list all planets, moons and moonlets where a certain resource can be found, but it's still a WIP, due to some divergence I found when comparing in-game ore lists with the Atlas file.


Celestial Body Calculator

Link: https://dual.wolfe.science/tools/calculators

This one is more like a general-purpose visualization of the Atlas, but also supports few calculations on things based on altitude. At the moment it offers:

  • Gravity information, including the altitude where gravity is 0.01g;
  • Atmosphere information, including the altitude where atmosphere density is 10%;
  • Surface minimum, average and maximum altitudes;
  • Construct build limit altitude;
  • Total surface area and number of territories;
  • Calculation of gravity, atmospheric density and total circumference length at desired altitude;


I hope that information is somehow helpful for the community and I'm completely open to suggestions on what could be improved or added!

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