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1 hour ago, SicZilla said:

Hi everyone, total noob question. How can I use the ship materials that came with my outpost on my hover vehicle? The parts show as red and will not connect. I imagine it's some type of construct Auth but I I haven't figured it out yet. 

Covering all the bases I can think of, in case:


  • You have to take them off the base first, by going into Build mode and using Alt while clicking with the "deploy element" tool (usually tool 1 in build mode)
  • The element then needs to be in your Active container so that you can use it in Build mode on the speeder. Usually, if you're getting a red outline, it means that the element is in "the other one" (out of your nanopack and your linked container) rather than whichever of those two is your active container. You can see which container is active in your inventory by which has a check mark next to it. You can switch which is active by using Ctrl-I.
  • If the elements are in your base's storage, you'll want to "Set Linked Container" from the right-click menu of that storage, then make that the active container using Ctrl-I, as above.

That probably covers it...

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Well said Kezzle! I think the only other possibility that could lead to this behavior is if he is not toggling build mode between his two constructs. If you followed the above SicZilla and are still seeing a red part outline then make sure you are in build mode on the correct construct (ie: your speader) when attempting to deploy those piloting elements. Dual Universe's edit mode is not global so you can only modify one construct at a time. Simply look at the specific construct you want to change and press the B hotkey or right click on it and select edit construct.

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