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Anomaly fields - PVP and economy stimulation!


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Probably not a new brazen idea... but right now we could use more reasons to strap in with friends for PVP and high risk missions. The economy engine needs it and the player experience would feel much fuller for it.


These are merely ideas to help you ponder your own vision of this suggestion. Please don't take all elements to heart, but do voice your alterations if any.



Anomaly fields.

Uninhabitable. Hazardous. Exclusively lucrative.



  • Potentially includes anomaly terminal or rotating event phases of complete annihilation of dwellers and constructs.
    • Allows for field respawning and repositioning of hazards and high-value resources
      • Discourages encampments
      • Promotes exploration and chance encounters



  • Navigational hazards
    • Canyons, caverns, debris fields
    • Dense gas/ice fields
  • Dynamic Environmental hazards
    • Intense meteorite showers (with radar warnings/alarms)
    • Heat (voxel/element resistance/decay?)
    • Catalytic storms - radiation, heat, electro, etc either naturally occurring or artificially caused by depletion or interaction (such as bumping into a dense gas field boundary)



  • New environmental requirements for processing/production of special commodities
    • Product instability requiring frequent egress of materials to given distance.
  • Ship wreck salvage missions
  • 'Control zones' of exclusive valuable resources.
  • Stimulates the economy in countless ways continuously




This is intentionally an incomplete list of ideas to summarize. Suggest what you would add or change in the comments! I'll ultimately add ideas that help give the idea further imagination in future edits.



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I like the idea of making the environment the NPC challenge. Much more "hard scifi" than "Precursor Aliens"...


I don't like the idea of "fiat annihilation" events. I think it should be possible, if not practicable to design and build Constructs which can survive such apocalyptica. Static camps are a player convenience that I think should at least be considered. But periodic random radical shifts of where [whateveritis we're there for] is located would mitigate enduring advantages from having such bases: while they're closer to the lucre than Alioth, they can't be reliably built right on top of the "deposits", because the deposits move.


Having an "apocalypse zone", where it is well understood by everyone who even thinks about going there "for serious" that nothing will be the same next week, or tomorrow, certainly could give opportunity to aspirant newcomers. If the requirements for exploiting the resource zone are not too onerous.


The idea would be significantly enhanced by the implementation of a less simplistic scanning/radar model. If it's possible to use the environmental features as "cover or concealment", ambushes and evasion and actual tactics start to become relevant in operations.

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