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Windows 11 22h2 & nVidia performance issues, possible solution


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I upgraded my Windows 11 to 22h2 and started getting poor performance.


Nvidia came out a few days ago with a beta driver that has since gone official. Version number 517.48. They said this should fix the issue with "a logging feature being turned on in Windows." I found that it did not solve the issue for me at least.


I found this post from someone named Oct0 on the Nvidia forums from a few days ago and tested it. It works in Dual Universe for me, so I am posting it here.




Turn off HolographicShell event trace!


Open Windows Search and search for "Computer Management".

In the left panel, Open System tools > Performance > Data Collector Sets -> Event trace sessions -> Find HolographicShell -> Rick-click and hit stop.

Do this after every computer restart as it turns on by itself. Enjoy high FPS in VR again. Good luck!



NOTE! Since Windows turns this eventrace back ON after reboot, you have to turn if off/stop it again until Nvidia or Microsoft comes out with a fix.

I am interested in learning from others if this fix/solution works for them, or if their system is still down 50% or more in performance with the occasional stutter all the way down to 5'ish FPS.

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currently running three 2H22 machines without issue on a few of my PCs... A W11 2H22 with a 3090Ti, and a W10 2H22 with a 3080... they feel pretty similar in most games.. even DU runs fine on both boxes.


Can't but I can't play DU on my W11 2H22 1080Ti machine... It crashes with garbled screen after a few minutes.  Thought the card might be toast after 5 years of unoptimised DU, but it plays Cyberpunk 2077, at 1080P low/med settings.. so, AFAIAC, if a card can play CP'77 for hours in a row there can't be anything wrong with it.


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So, Windows 11 22H2 causing Nvidia performance hiccups, huh? Been there, felt that.  It's like your PC suddenly decides it's time for a siesta right when you're in the middle of a gaming sesh. Not cool, Windows, not cool.

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