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Athena has finally introduced some variety to pvp. But desync is a major problem that ruins the experience. It MUST be improved before release, or DU pvp will be stillborn.

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With today's Athena patch, I finally got to test a small core cannon corvette I've been working on in prep for the changes to max speed and adjustor maneuverability. It worked great! The L-core meta definitely seems to have been disrupted. But now that some people will be trying to fight at very close ranges, it's vital that positional desync be addressed. When your target is teleporting around, it's impossible to try to stay in close ranges. If this constant desync isn't improved before launch, I fear many new players will see the jankiness of pvp and just leave the game.

Here's an example video of how difficult it can be to fight at ranges of about 50km. NQ, I hope you can find a solution. You're on to something with the new pvp balance. It feels fun.

This fight was conducted on April 26 at 22:13 to 22:27 UTC, at the edge of the safe zone in the vicinity of coords ::pos{0,0,-2614807.8509,610839.4670,-2685631.4847} if NQ wants to check server logs or whatever you might need to identify issues.

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