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Grouping of Honeycombs


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This is my suggestion:
Selected honeycombs could be transformed into a "group". Such groups can be copied and pasted like regular, ungrouped voxels into any construct.

But the difference is, if you have such group of honeycombs inside your ship, and want to cut out a circle just from them and not from any other voxels outside this group even if neighboring directly, this is now possible.

Also, by pressing a key, instead of selecting a voxel now the entire group would be selected to which that honeycomb belongs.

And if honeycombs need to be removed, it would help a lot if the entire group can be remoed without removing any honeycomb that is not part of that group.

Naming of groups is, I think, not necessary, but maybe other players would prefer that. The honeycomb type of the entire group can be changed at once, too - even if some of that roup's voxels are otherwise out of reach for selectng. As a group, all honeycombs are selected. Of course it is still possible to select and alter a single honeycomb inside a group, too.

Also hoping, that such a group of honeycombs could be stretched along one or more axes, same with rotating.

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