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Radar API getConstructWorldPos(id) (please de-nerf it)


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We had it a while back in alpha, the getConstructWorldPos(id) for everything, without transponder, then players started to make construct following construct scripts and amazing AR scripts, which displeased JC who nerfed it hard.


While players outsmart limitations and already found other ways, to get a coordinate, with triangulations, why keeping this function nerfed?


At least allow us the use of getConstructWorldPos(id) for all statics and space cores and why not for stopped and unboarded dynamic cores .

Numbers of abandoned constructs of all types and sizes, in atmo at any altitudes, and space, agg plateforms, elevators towers, floating bases etc... are increasing day by day


The multiplications of sophisticated autopiloting scripts for example, where those coordinates information are crucial for good functioning and obstacles avoidance, this getConstructWorldPos(id) nerf just making piloting scripts uselessly heavier, therefore impacts on performances




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