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How NQ "fixes" their inconsistent use of their own game's features

Jake Arver

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This is just so very funny and sad at the same time.


NQ basically hacked in a right to use a mining unit and called it "Mining Unit"

It's pretty much an unneeded right as the esixting rights should cover the use of a mining unit since:

  • Access to a mining unit allows it's use/activation as is the case for any other element in the game.
  • The "Mine territory" right allows access to the territories resources and so determines whether activating a mining unit actually results in mining resources.


Not to complicate things for themselves and since actually designing in a consistent way seems too hard, yesterday's "hotfix" shows

  • Updated Mining Unit right description and name.


And with it the right "Mining Unit" is renamed to "Use Mining Unit". It's still a superfluous right for which there actually is no need. It also break the core design purpose of how the RDMS system is set up and should work (yes NQ, I understand how RDMS works, seemingly better than whoever thought this up). There is no need for this right as handmining and use of mining units is mutually exclusive, so one right "Mine Territory" is sufficient for either.


The fix should have been:

  • Removal of the "Mining Unit" right
  • The "mine Territory" right will determine if a mining unit will be able to mine when activated


This is textbook NQ "fixing bugs", the issue is still there and nothing really changes, we just change the rule in order to not have to actually address and fix anything. It also shows that different devs do not actually care to (re)use existing code or options and seemingly can't be bothered to learn the mechanics of a feature someone else made but feel they must cook their own at every corner..  The game is filled with examples of this.


Some will say this is a minor issue and why the fusss, I'd say, this is a structural flaw in the way NQ designs their game and uses their own in game functionality in inconsistent ways. It is a waste of developer resources/time and thus money.

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