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Demeter - upcoming on planet tile taxation - opinions


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There are those who oppose taxes on tiles in general.

> see current disadvantage vs space core setup

There are those who could live with taxes, however haggle about it: 1 Mio of that q / week might be too high

  • benefit of taxes: abandonded tiles do become available again, however: People having left DU for a while to have a look later on are at some disadvantage without ingame money.

  • Large orgs with money don't have an issue at all. Solo players are at a disadvantage without a certain grind - but then again this is supposed to be an MMO

  • salvage gameplay introduction

  • NQ is a company, therefor NQ has to operate on a sound financial base - understood. So currently no ingame store is available. One could think of Discord buy / sell channels... The upcoming Demeter changes will reduce operation cost. How else will NQ increase financial income and reduce cost?

  • How about DAC? gametime in exchange for not EURO$, but something else?

  • Will Market bots still buy t1 ore?

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