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The solution for Market Parking Clutter : Parking Meters

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Do you have a hard time landing at a marketplace because people leave their crap laying everywhere?

Yes you do, I do, NQ Definitely does.

I present the solution : Parking Meters.

Parking Meters would be a window popup that lets you buy time in blocks of an hour max and after that your construct gets "towed" into impound space.

This window can appear say.. 10 -15 minutes after a person lands a ship on the market platform. When it appears, you pay for up to 1 hour. At the end of that hour a window appears again.

You should get a few minutes (5?) to acknowledge the window before it defaults you as in violation, and tows your construct.

This would let people who are around and active use this and if they fail to pay the meter cause they logged off or went away then their constructs are gone too within a reasonable timeframe.


Your saying ok Grev, what stops one person from docking multiple constructs and just using one alt to pay the meters?

Well thats easy.. You add a compound multiplier per construct per hour per org / person / etc... to ensure one person isn't paying this for multiple constructs indefinitely


This would be very easily implemented and force people off the platforms at the least if they want to display their "market carts", they can do this in the player markets that would spring up around the main hubs,

or the devs could add this parking meter to the whole hex... 


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