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Industrial Machine Lifespan Suggestions

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Currently industrial machines on a non pvp intended landscape have an infinite lifespan.
This means that the market for them is only as viable as peoples lack of ownership in them and nothing else, once u get one u have it forever and that... that is unsustainably broken.
Id think that a 6-10 week operational lifespan, with machines throwing random errors after thier lifespan stopping production, and requiring either consistent repair or just flat out replacement.

This will create a sustainable market for industrial machines ... i think.

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They start throwing errors from day one.    I had one machine say server error 5 times this morning in the last 2 hours.     The only way factories are going to be sustainable is to simplify them into one machine. feeding refined mats directly into the assembly lines.   Big factories cost too much system resources and have too many glitches.     The way it is was cool and has not been see before but it wont work effectively without causing issues/ lag. 


If you look  the way the game is built there is no possible way of making the market work for this simple fact.  People don't know what they are doing and they get no help from the tooltips.  They sell the parts for less than they can sell the raw ore.  maybe the ore cost should be displayed on the parts while listing.  ( it cost you "this much" in ore to make this) 


Even  if asteroids come out tomorrow and we go mine them we will be risking hundreds of millions in ships just go have a chance to mine for a few million per hour.    Which is not acceptable.   Yea  leave my ship sitting on the surface for 5 hours while I mine and others guard it.  Now  the risk went up even more with even less reward because now I have to pay others to risk their stuff. 


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