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Gravity Well Generator


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Add a new element (Gravity Well Generator)or allow a secondary function to the agg that allows players to create a gravity well.  This gravity would pull ships out of warp. 


Idea of ranges

GWG S - 50km bubble

GWG M - 200km bubble

GWG L - 800k bubble


This could allow pirates or whoever to set up nets.  Forcing warping players create there own non direct routes. 


I think this would add alot of tactics for both PVPers and warping ships.  As Orgs would try to create there own secret routes. 


Also on a side note, it would be a cool thing to get a element that can detect heavy warped areas so pirate or opposing factions can find the hidden jump routes. 

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I like this... sort of reminds me of that gravity grenade in Guardians of the Galaxy.


To add some balance, I'd recommend adding:

  • Distance interference (only 1 device per SIZExN) - You can still cover a fair area, but this reduces how many of those have to be tracked on by the system. If set to close, you will get a warning that there is another device causing interference.
  • Active for X minutes/seconds - Reduce the time of the device and it's gravity well effect once it's activated by an incoming ship. This one device impacts the actual physics of how ships fly and leaving it on for extended periods of times means the system will have to compensate all over the system to impact ships with that change, which could be heavy.
  • Power core - Run for X hours on full core charge. This ensures the plot to attack is centralized to a smaller period of time instead of these being left all over space, randomly disabling ships when the provoker has decided to do other things.
  • Power core instability - Once the power core has drained fully, it will become unstable. After 1 day, it will explode and destroy the gravity well device. If the owner of the device gets to it before then, they have the ability to repair it, charge/replace the core and reset it back to active.

For fun, I'd add the following effect:

  • When a ship passes to closely to this device while in warp...
    • Their ship will jolt toward the direction of the device
    • Their ship will drastically lose speed and begin spinning out of control toward the device (not enough to sicken anyone... just a spin at an angle that they'll have to focus on to correct). The larger the ship, the less spin and pull (but still pulls them out of warp).
    • Warp engines take a 10% hit on hit-points due to the failure to follow proper shutdown procedures
    • Ships warping together have a small chance of colliding into each other when they are affected by these devices. Large ships are not as affected by this, but could be berated by colliding smaller ships if they're in between them and the device.

Those are just random suggestions... but I think your idea is pretty decent and fits the different types of professions DU wants to support.

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Yep Think this would be an Good Idea to force a bit more Interactions. But to Balanced that i think that Pirats should not be alowed to go to the Safe zone and Trade on markets.(Doesent make scence from story perspektiv and a Logical perspektiv.) SO they would need to form a kind of black market and force even more fun interactions. So we would have Players Hunting Pirats. So if you start you are in an arc Org that Protecs you from other players in the same Org and then you could leave and start your Life as a Pirat. If you Die and have no Respawn Point all your stuff gets Abanded and you could start back in the arc org and are protectet again. If you are in an ORg you can Declear war on other orgs and even if your still in The arc ORg you could attack ships from the Org you decleard war on.

Normal Player Trying to get cheap stuff from Pirats with great risk to them self. Ect. Would be awesome!


I think PVP kinda sucks at the moment to be honest. There needs to be an Better Implementation.

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