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DRM Transition Changes


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Hello everyone,

We are preparing an update for next week (Monday, December 14th is our aim) that will enforce DRM protection for constructs in Dual Universe with the ultimate goal of facilitating construct trading in the game. :) 

There are several possible cases though that we would like players to be aware of.

We have currently have three types of constructs in the game:

  • Constructs made before the introduction of creatorID earlier this year, which therefore have no creatorID on them because the feature did not yet exist.
  • Constructs made from a blueprint created after the introduction of creatorID but before 0.23. These have a creatorID, but DRM were not activated on them.
  • Constructs made from a blueprint created post-0.23 have both a creatorID and DRM protection by default (unless the creator decides to make a DRM-free blueprint).

Type A constructs will unfortunately forever be unprotected as they do not include a trace of their original creator. Players who wish to trade them or make blueprints out of them should be aware that no DRM will be enforceable on them.

For Type B constructs, we will forcefully activate the DRM for you with this update. This means that in certain rare cases, if you have added yourself a Control Unit or a Screen (not part of the original blueprint) to this construct, it will get DRM protected as well in the update. You will not be able to access the content of those Control Units or Screen Units after the DRM activation patch. Instead, you can either:

  • Remove them and redeploy them. (You will need a copy of the content somewhere in a file elsewhere on your computer because you won’t be able to save it in-game).
  • Contact the construct creator to ask him to unlock DRM on these specific elements.

Type C constructs behave as expected and already benefit from DRM protection for all elements that are part of the original blueprint. New elements added to them by the owner are not DRM protected, so the owner can freely edit them; however, the update made on a Type B construct will unfortunately impact them as well, and the DRM protection will be forced upon all elements, new or old. You may have to resort to the two possible solutions explained above for Type B.

We hope this information was useful! Thank you for reading! ?

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