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UPDATE: Keeping the 'port' in support!

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[Updated Nov 19, 2020 @ 3:02 PM EST]: The rules outlined below apply to teleporting both avatars and constructs. This means that, outside of the list of approved scenarios, we won't be able to fetch your ship and bring it to your location. 

Good day fellow Noveans,


I come bearing support-related news! More specifically, I’d like to address teleportation requests with all of you.

For a while now, we’ve allowed players in need of a port to say the word on Discord and - voila - your wish would be granted! 
That worked well for a time, but our Discord support channel is now beginning to slip under the veritable wave of port requests… and we’d like to rescue it and all those in need of a ‘lift’.

As of November 19th, we would like everyone in need of teleport-related assistance to use the in-game chat support, or submit an official support ticket. By using the in-game chat function instead of Discord, you’re likely to receive an answer quicker because our GMs are ready and waiting for you there!

Having said that, we’d also like to inform everyone that we will no longer grant port requests if you’re simply out of fuel, stuck in one of your own constructs, or just generally stranded. All port requests will now be investigated, verified and potentially denied if the request falls outside of approved scenarios.

Some examples of when to ask for a port (approved scenarios):

  • if you’re stuck in an Aphelia construct
  • if you’re trapped in any other player-owned tile (unable to dig)
  • if you’re unable to get past the loading screen upon logging in

What to do if you’re just stuck/out of fuel/stranded: 

Don’t forget: there are plenty of player organizations available to assist in your travels through space! Be sure to check out the organizations and services provided on Discord and our Forums. Some organizations will be happy to provide you with transportation, refueling, repairs, building help and so much more!! 🚀

How to contact support:

To access in-game chat support, simply click the “support” tab in-game, as depicted below.



From here, it’s as easy as typing up your request, starting the message with "@NQ" and sending it off!

To submit an official support ticket, please click HERE👈

Then, select the hyperlinked text that says “submit a request” in the top-right corner of the page. Once you see the screen featured below, select the appropriate category for your issue and go to town!


(Quick note for those submitting crash reports: PLEASE do not forget to include a crash log and/or XML logs with your ticket!!)

And there you have it! Let’s all do our part to keep the Discord server free and clear of port requests so that players with big ol’ bugs and other issues to report can receive the visibility they deserve.


PS - I want to give a special shout-out to all of our support staff for everything they do!! Thank you, all!!

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