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DU's Map Inititive- An upvote for the future.

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Updating DU’s Map Initiative 

Opening statement:  As we venture through this phase of Beta through Dual Universe I have come here to offer a few suggestions of future updates.  My suggestions however decided upon DU’s course are stated in the following summary below.   


Intro:  I am proposing a course of recognition to territories placed by territory units placed in the game.  This will make it easier for players to identify regions and organizations they might see fit to join.  The reasons for joining are up to the player. These can be identified by planet; region; displacement of ore; displacement of org fractions etc. 

However;  evidently DU is still in the making and they will not go down this road until they have a well driven path of how they want their players to react to each other. 

None the less they want the players to create the game, so here I am offering my assistance. 


Intro 1 Focus: Alliances/ Map allocation 

---    We all see DU as an interactive open sandbox.   However, as we create the game space and game play we need a few rules to follow in order to play to the future gameplay. These might not necessarily be considered rules but are the premise to the question. Further more, I will be stating theses “RULES” as bullet points below to emphasize the importance of further continuing this line of questioning of the gameplay down the line of development. Note that are not necessarily rules, however points. 


Rule1:   Who are we supporting? 

Rule2:   Where are my people that I am supporting? 

Rule 3:  How can I Distinguish regions that I am supporting are friendly are unfriendly? 

Rule 4:  Do my friend’s territories contribute to my cause? -- subnote 

  • -This will always come into question; however in my opinion the allocated user must render the territory to a fraction or org. Throughout this section I might refer to territories associated to fractions, because evidently that’s what thill we become adjoined to. 


Above are the main 4 rules that I think that DU dev team must abide to on their development. Of the “How's” are we going to do this. I’m sure more of this could be gone into depth, and I'm sure I have more to add. However.... In the meantime I have given a baseline of a minimum update for territory recognition. 


Intro2: Understanding Territories and regions. 


As the game goes on we will become more diverse in the actions and cooperation of organizations.  Mutal Pacts and Non Aggression Pacts will be formed. The real question is... “ How do we quantify this?” 


Intro2: Color coding 


We have seen that at the current stigma of the map territories are colored as three classes “Purple/Red/Green” 


There however needs to be other glasses of coloring assosiated with this.  This is an open discussion for future development of how the team needs to work towards creating an environment for DU’s future. 


I suggest that regions be classified to an org which they are associated with and they must dedicate their allegiance to; however this might get complicated with the amount of orgs/colors.   There must be a clear distinction of the region in play.  If you want orgs to work together and create another goal for an example you must give them the tools to do that. 


Note: The Parameters of the territories' allegiance must be dictated by the user who placed down the territory unit until future PVP updates come into play with territory warfare.  In my personal opinion I Think it would be well suited for these regions to become associated with themselves and their community before they decide to go to war. Note that War must “”NOT”” under no circumstance be ENFORCED under a “ONE-UPDATE” policy without these parameters being previously incorporated, otherwise shit WILL HIT THE FAN. 


Summary:   As a DU player you will go through the world viewing all sorts of awesome encounters However there will be no significance if you can't document them of where there were; the state they were in; who's orgs they were owned by etc.  You will want the game to create a history for itself.   The best thing to do with UI Map integration is to give us a tool or a better view and control of how we manage organization map control under color coding, and further more this will obviously be put into another DU player ? Forum of suggestion/input.  I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully I have set a few ideas which can make this game a better place to play with all DU players. 


“Do not just throw us into war one day without knowing the enemy” ~Teso91 


Thankyou for reading, 

And signing out 








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If this comes out a day, I suggest adding a parameter to control it: show the color of the territories if they have at least [0-6] adjacent territories owned by the same org. This allow us to filter bigger empires, and recognize their weak and strong spots.

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