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The problems with Planned updates and how they will kill PvP

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To start id like to say i doubt that NQ is going to listen but the problems that will arise with planned updates can be completely avoided and I also apologize if i show some people think they didn't know.

1. Durability will kill PvP.

The point of PvP right now is to kill the other guy and take his ship. the battles my not always end in a win or loss but when somebody loses, the elements you recover are enough to cover fuel and ammo and maybe the voxel damage that happens to your ship. with elements being completely destroyed after a fight what do I get for killing my opponents ship? i'll tell you what you get, parts that can never be used again! for those who have ever fought in real PvP you know that parts a destroyed way more than 10-20 times.The already low reward of PvP will be reduced down to nothing.


2. The "rebalancing" of PvP can be easily bypassed with little to no effort due to the docking mechanic.

(This one is multi faceted so please read the whole thing before you rage reply, also if you haven't done any PvP this won't make sense to you but if you know you know) 


Currently the list of PvP rebalancing  actions will be.

Bound weapon sizes to core sizes

energy consumption

radar lock ranges unified

Hit-Miss formula changed to account for cross section instead of core size. 


To bypass all of these all i would need to do is follow these steps.

1. Use a L core to build a ship with the same cross section of  a Small core and use all of my energy allotment for engines only

2. Build M cores that are only Large weapons and dock them to the L core.

3. Go shoot anything that moves because i have more guns.


Ways to fix these problems.

Stop docked ships from firing weapons

Have better rewards for Killing enemy ships combat (quanta or skill points)


constructive criticism is welcomed but disrespect will be ignored.


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Durability will kill the game. People have said "we don't want survival mechanics" for the past 4 years. This goes against what NQ has promised the game to be. If they want to re-work how elements are fixed up, that would be a welcome change. Durability is just the worst possible way to do it.

Simply adding a "deconstructor" that strips elements into their raw crafting components and a "repair hub" that repairs any element using the raw crafting components with the scrap limiting how much it can repair to 50% will solve all the "issues" that people claim to exist which require a durability mechanic. And it will encourage people to PvP since now you don't get some crappy ship that you will never use and will scrap for elements anyway out of it. 

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I agree with this wholeheartedly I don't do PVP specifically but with how unstable the game is for me in flight and other failed test flights result in me damaging and destroying elements several times a day. For a non PVP player such as myself, I already don't want to go outside the safezone in fear of loosing my ship. Think of all those Non Pvp layers that wont want to even take their ship out of the shed in fear of having an accident resulting in their ship destroyed. Maybe if the durability was only something that occurred outside the safezone would make the game more interesting as it allows for all types of players and risk to going outside the safe zone.


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