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  1. EDIT: I didn't know that there would be a replace element option so im fine with either or 100% agree with this. I think rather than wasting hundreds, if not, thousands of people's time with replacing parts that would of taken hours to place at the exact angles and positions they wanted. Like hell it took me two hours to angle and position one window the angle and position ONE window in TWO HOURS. Its fair that people don't want the economy to fall but In reality that's not going to happen. there will always be a demand for parts.
  2. I agree with this wholeheartedly I don't do PVP specifically but with how unstable the game is for me in flight and other failed test flights result in me damaging and destroying elements several times a day. For a non PVP player such as myself, I already don't want to go outside the safezone in fear of loosing my ship. Think of all those Non Pvp layers that wont want to even take their ship out of the shed in fear of having an accident resulting in their ship destroyed. Maybe if the durability was only something that occurred outside the safezone would make the game more interesting as it allows for all types of players and risk to going outside the safe zone.
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