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Antigrav Screen Graphical Controller


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Main Page/Git Repo





  • All anti-gravity measurements and controls on one screen.
  • Logarithmic altitude scale for more control at lower altitudes.
  • Set target altitude with a slider or step at any power of 10 from 1 to 10,000 meters.
  • Set target altitude to current altitude in one click.
  • Lock controls to prevent accidental clicks.
  • Power on and unlock protected by a drag-to-activate mechanism to prevent accidental disabling.


  • Anti-Gravity Generator (of appropriate size for ship core and with the appropriate number of pulsors linked to it)
  • 1x Programming Board
  • 1x Screen
  • Databank (optional, for remembering controller state between sessions)

Install/Use Instructions:

Link to pre-built lua config for copy/pasting into a programming board


  1. Either build a json configuration (see Building from a Template below) or copy the one above and paste it as a Lua configuration into the programming board.
  2. Link the screen to the agScreen slot.
  3. Add links to the Anti-Gravity Generator, the Dynamic Core Unit, and the Databank if you have one. Order doesn't matter unless you edit the unit start handler to specify what slot is what instead of allowing it to autodetect them.
  4. Activate the programming board, either directly or with a signal.
  5. Get in the control seat of the ship so the ship is under control, then use the screen to adjust the antigravity.
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