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Weather, climate and its effects.

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I presume eventually the devs of Dual Universe while add some kind of weather cycle to the game and if so I have some suggestion on how it would affect you and your constructs.


Rain: Rain would slow down your player movement by 25% on regular terrain and 10% on player placed blocks, also reduces visibility by adding water effect on your screen. For ships it would again reduce visibility as

well as reducing accuracy of weapons by 10%. 


Snow: Snow would be a more amplified version of rain, reducing speed by 35% on regular terrain and 20% on player placed blocks, again reduces visibility and  reduces weapon accuracy by 20%.


Lightning: Though lightning doesn't provide movement penalties like the other two, if your vehicle is struck by lightning it would cause the ships system to shut down for 5-10 seconds, which could result in a crash if you are flying too fast at too low an altitude. 


Cold weather: Cold weather would reduce engine efficiency when it is at low speeds as the engine would freeze over, reducing the speed depending on how cold it is, from 10% if it is -5*c to 50% if it is -50*c. At high speeds the engine would produce enough heat as a by-product to keep it working at normal levels.


Hot weather: Unlike cold weather hot weather would reduce engine efficiency at high speeds, as the engine would overheat, reducing the speed from 10% at 35*c to 50% at 70*c, low speeds would not cause enough heat for the engine to overheat. 


That's a brief idea of weather and climate and its effects, things could be added, changed or removed and I would like to hear your opinions on the concept. 

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Or else like this:
- Storm (strong wind) slows down the reception, and the character is generally carried away to the side. The character flies away.
- Lightning strikes only the tallest structure on earth, damaging it. If there is a lightning rod, it does not destroy. A lightning conductor can also be installed on ships.
- Rain, fog, snow, impair visibility. Rain and snow slow down the movement of the player and vehicles.
- Weather effects do not work in caves.
- Tremors in the desert.
- Sand rises when the character moves, especially on a gray moon with no atmosphere.
- Sandstorms (can carry the character, and also reduce the visibility).
- "Black rain", this is radioactive rain, can be entered after adding nuclear power plants that will be destroyed.
Causes radiation exposure when applied to suit.
- Magnetic storm, temporarily knocks out equipment in the area. Accompanied by plentiful northern lights in the sky.
- Earthquake. There are 3 types of strength. The first is just a hum and a little shaking. The second is a strong shaking, weak structures can be slightly damaged, the caves fall asleep. The third is very strong shaking, weak structures are completely destroyed, structures are strong, the probability of damage is 30%.
- Tsunami, can knock the player down on the shore and turn the ship over.
- Tornado. They can throw the character very far, and also spin the ship with a low mass, then he will lose control.
- Wall of fire. Coming from the horizon. It is extremely rare in space, on special planets. The player dies, the car is damaged and partially burns down.
- Wall of cold (air suddenly becomes ultra-low temperature), everything turns into ice and frost. Also an extremely rare phenomenon in space.
- And an important point. Inside buildings, the weather does not work unless there are large openings to the street!

Weather effects can be resisted in the future:
- Shields can be installed in the suit, but they consume a lot of energy and resources.
- Shields can also be installed on vehicles to protect themselves from lightning and electromagnetic interference. Lead plating can also be installed to protect against radiation.

Special spring supports allow the building to resist earthquake effects. Springs are of different sizes and, accordingly, "g" - damping power.

- Weather happens in space:
- A radioactive storm emanating from a star.
- Plasma storm also comes from the star.
- If the ship has no protection, the player will die from radiation. Or he will die along with the ship, if it is a plasma storm.
Weather phenomena can be detected using special sensors. A special skill allows you to expand the range of sensors.

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