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Idea. Factory production profile

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Idea. Factory production profile.
Imagine. You have created a production chain and it works well. But you need to redo the production at the factory for new needs. And for this you need to run up to each building every time to change the recipe.
What if we make it so that all the currently selected recipes on the base can be saved in 1 profile, give this profile a name, and then quickly switch between profiles - when the player needs to quickly and without hassle change production?
It would be very convenient and would save a lot of time.
Perhaps this function is available only to those players who have developed highly some skills for production. Or with the help of some new building (production hub), industrial computer.


Updated: Also add the ability to trade such profiles on the market (similar to the blueprint). When you save a profile, the links (their locations) and the selected quantity of products in each building are saved.

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This would be essentially like simply allowing LUA to change recipes on devices. Because if that is allowed, writing a lua script to change recipes down a chain of industry to get the proper parts made, could be done, and then even coded in to a screen element where you could pick what to make (your saved profiles, so to speak).


BUT, if they (NQ) are absolutely against the idea of allowing LUA into the equation, then yes... saving a static construct's industry setup into loadable profiles could be helpful.

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